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    The Love of God

    A Canonical Model

    by John C. Peckham

    Theology has constantly wrestled with the nature of God's love and what it means for how God relates to the world. In this comprehensive canonical theology of divine love, John C. Peckham argues for an account that avoids the errors of both voluntarist and experientialist theologies and faithfully represents the full biblical witness.

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    The God Who Risks

    A Theology of Divine Providence

    by John Sanders

    With an in-depth reading of the Old and New Testaments, and by probing into philosophical, historical and systematic theology, John Sanders presents a "relational theism," an understanding of providence in which "a personal God enters into genuine give-and-take relations with his creatures."

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    The Openness of God

    A Biblical Challenge to the Traditional Understanding of God

    by Clark H. Pinnock, Richard Rice, John Sanders, William Hasker, and David Basinger

    Clark Pinnock, Richard Rice, John Sanders, William Hasker and David Basinger argue for a new perspective on God and his work in the world, both rejecting process theology and demanding reconsideration of classical doctrines of God's immutability, impassability and foreknowledge. A 1995 Christianity Today Book Award winner!

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    The Renewal of Trinitarian Theology

    Themes, Patterns Explorations

    by Roderick T. Leupp

    Roderick Leupp explores the terrain of contemporary trinitarian theology. While his approach is thematic, he introduces readers to the essential elements of the important trinitarian theologians of the past half-century.

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    Trinitarian Theology for the Church

    Scripture, Community, Worship

    Wheaton Theology Conference Series

    Edited by Daniel J. Treier and David Lauber

    These select essays, brought together from the 2008 Wheaton College Theology Conference by editors Daniel J. Treier and David Lauber, show both the substance and the importance of the doctrine of the Trinity for our worship, our reading of Scripture and the mission of the church.

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    The Trinity & Subordinationism

    The Doctrine of God & the Contemporary Gender Debate

    by Kevin Giles

    Kevin Giles traces the historic understanding of subordination in relation to the doctrine of the Trinity and investigates the closely related question of whether women are created to be permanently subordinated to men.

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    Rethinking the Trinity and Religious Pluralism

    An Augustinian Assessment

    Strategic Initiatives in Evangelical Theology

    by Keith E. Johnson

    Founding his argument on a close reading of St. Augustine?s De Trinitate, Keith Johnson critiques four recent attempts to construct a pluralistic theology of religions out of the orthodox doctrine of the Trinity.

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    God the Almighty

    Power, Wisdom, Holiness, Love

    Christian Foundations

    by Donald G. Bloesch

    While offering cogent criticisms of the classical view of God, Donald G. Bloesch skillfully seeks to hold in faithful tension "the polarities that are reflected in God's nature and activity--his majesty as well as his vulnerability, his sovereignty as well as his grace, his wholly otherness as well as his unsurpassable closeness, his holiness as well as his love."

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    Providence & Prayer

    How Does God Work in the World?

    by Terrance L. Tiessen

    From the view that God does not intervene in the world to the view that God is the only effective agent in the working of his will, Terrance Tiessen identifies ten views of providence and adds his own.

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    Divine Foreknowledge

    Four Views

    Spectrum Multiview Book Series

    Edited by James K. Beilby and Paul R. Eddy
    Contributions by Gregory A. Boyd, David Hunt, William Lane Craig, and Paul Helm

    Join Paul Helm, David Hunt, William Lane Craig and Gregory A. Boyd as they share four distinct views on the openness of God. Edited by James K. Beilby Paul R. Eddy.

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