• The Spiritual Art of Business

    The Spiritual Art of Business

    Connecting the Daily with the Divine

    by Barry L. Rowan

    How do we bring meaning to our work, instead of being defined by what we do? "Corporate mystic" Barry Rowan invites us to see our work as a chance to serve God by contributing to a better society. With forty short chapters, this book beckons us into a connection with God that will infuse our lives, our offices, and our world with meaning.

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  • Turning Donors into Partners

    Turning Donors into Partners

    Principles for Fundraising You'll Actually Enjoy

    by Brad Layland
    Foreword by Tom Lin

    Fundraising can be one of the most stressful parts of ministry. Professional fundraiser Brad Layland transforms fundraising into a relational process where donors truly become partners in ministry. Fundraising is best done in community–this book will help you find a community of people who enjoy giving and want your organization to succeed.

  • The Resilience Factor

    The Resilience Factor

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Catalyze an Unbreakable Team

    by Ryan T. Hartwig, Léonce B. Crump Jr., and Warren Bird
    Foreword by Tod Bolsinger

    Want to unleash the "remarkable" in your team? This guide from experienced leaders will both inspire and equip your team to move from floundering to flourishing. Filled with practical examples, reflection questions, diagnostic tools, and group activities, this resource lays out the practical action plan you need to build an unbreakable team.

  • Road to Flourishing

    Road to Flourishing

    Eight Keys to Boost Employee Engagement and Well-Being

    by Al Lopus
    With Cory Hartman
    Foreword by Peter Greer

    What makes for a flourishing workplace? With compelling case studies from the Best Christian Workplaces Institute along with enlightening personal anecdotes, Al Lopus demonstrates how companies and ministries can accomplish work that matters by building fantastic teams, cultivating life-giving work, attracting and retaining outstanding talent, and much more.

  • Agents of Flourishing

    Agents of Flourishing

    Pursuing Shalom in Every Corner of Society

    Made to Flourish Resources

    by Amy L. Sherman

    God calls Christians of every vocation to participate in his redemptive mission so that every corner and square inch of society can flourish as God intends. Amy Sherman offers a multifaceted, biblically grounded roadmap for enacting God's call to seek the shalom of our communities, showcasing historical and contemporary models of faithful and transformational cultural engagement.

  • Lead Like It Matters to God

    Lead Like It Matters to God

    Values-Driven Leadership in a Success-Driven World

    by Richard Stearns

    Sharing the principles he has learned over a remarkable corporate and ministry career, Richard Stearns offers seventeen crucial values that transform leaders and their organizations. When leaders embody these ideals, they not only improve their witness for Christ, they shape institutions, influence culture, and create healthy workplaces where people can flourish.

  • Cradling Abundance

    Cradling Abundance

    One African Christian's Story of Empowering Women and Fighting Systemic Poverty

    by Monique Misenga Ngoie Mukuna
    With Elsie Tshimunyi McKee

    Growing up in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Monique Misenga Ngoie Mukuna persevered through many challenges to become a businesswoman, church leader, social activist, and teacher. In this unique and gripping resource, "Maman" Monique tells her own story as she sheds light on the lives of Christian women throughout the Majority World at work in every level of the church and community.

  • Institutional Intelligence

    Institutional Intelligence

    How to Build an Effective Organization

    by Gordon T. Smith

    We tend to view institutions cynically, but they are essential to human flourishing and thriving communities. Focusing on the nonprofit sector, Gordon Smith unpacks the core of institutional intelligence, showing team leaders, directors, executives, board members, and employees how to work effectively within the institutional character of their organizations.

  • Creating Cultures of Belonging

    Creating Cultures of Belonging

    Cultivating Organizations Where Women and Men Thrive

    by Beth Birmingham and Eeva Sallinen Simard
    Foreword by Myal Greene and Emily Sarmiento

    While many faith-based organizations desire to have women in positions of leadership, they still fail to embody a culture that invites and celebrates gender equity. Offering practical steps for leadership teams, board members, and managers, Beth Birmingham and Eeva Simard identify organizational changes that will create a belonging culture.

  • Discover Joy in Work

    Discover Joy in Work

    Transforming Your Occupation into Your Vocation

    by Shundrawn A. Thomas

    Is it possible for us to truly flourish in our work? Business executive Shundrawn Thomas reveals how work is intended to produce lasting value and should be meaningful and productive. Addressing issues of work ethic, character formation, and work-life synergy, Thomas helps us to a greater understanding of our abilities and passions, which in turn helps us find better harmony between what we do and who we are.

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