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Ever wished you could go behind the scenes of scholarly publishing? In each episode of Behind the Books, a podcast from IVP Academic, we'll host engaging conversations about particular books for the academy, as well as broader publishing industry topics. At IVP Academic we are unabashed book nerds—and if that label suits you, too, we’re pretty sure you’re going to find Behind the Books fascinating and fun.

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About Behind the Books Podcast

It may seem easy to judge a book by its cover, but behind every book stands many, many people—not only authors, but also editors, designers, marketers, and salespeople, among others. On Behind the Books, we take the posture of curious learners to explore the humanity behind and within the publishing process, enjoying the intellectual and faith journeys that have brought us to this one-of-a-kind calling.

In our first season of the Behind the Books podcast, we focus on a milestone publication recently released, the second edition of The Dictionary of Paul and His Letters, what we affectionately call “the DPL2.” We think the best way to do that is to hand the mic (literally!) to the three volume editors: the biblical scholars Scot McKnight, Lynn Cohick, and Nijay Gupta. For eleven episodes, they’ll take us on a deep dive into the DPL2 with interviews and conversation with contributors, to share insights from the planning, research, writing, and editing process, and (in the season finale) to take a look back at the creation of the first edition of the DPL thirty years ago.

You can read more in this interview with the editors.

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