Our Mission

To create and publish resources that deepen lives in Christ to engage the university, the church, and the world.

Our Values

Love for God, God's Word, God's People & God's Purposes in the World

Our identity is rooted in our affections for and allegiance to God, whom we seek to worship in spirit and in truth. We wholeheartedly affirm the authority and teachings of the Bible as foundational for our lives and for our publishing decisions. We love the church, respect, and feed on its rich heritage, and desire to serve it with grace and truth. We seek to influence, engage, and shape the university world and our contemporary culture for the sake of Jesus Christ and his kingdom in the world.

Thoughtful Integration of Life

We value ideas and their careful expression. We love the life of the mind and want to "take captive every thought and make it obedient to Jesus Christ." We aim for integration of the whole person—our hearts tutored by truth, our minds shaped by godly affections, our bodies, and souls surrendered with joy to God's good purposes.

Dignity of People & Relationships

We value all people as created in the image of God. We celebrate each person's contribution of gender, ethnicity, church heritage, and personality. We practice a collegial approach to our work that entrusts others with meaningful opportunities and responsibilities. We value open and honest relationships. We care about authors, customers, students, campus staff, vendors, and each other as people we can serve with joy, attentiveness, and trustworthy business transactions. We love to work and have fun!

Beauty & Stewardship in Our Work

We value excellence, eloquence, creativity, skill, and innovation. We desire to produce, package, and distribute books and other resources in ways that reflect the glory of God. We like working in an environment that is clean and attractive, and exhibits the beauty of God's peace. We also value financial integrity and faithful accounting of our business activities. We strive to be responsible and wise in using our resources of time, energy, and money.

"Some publishers tell you what to believe and other publishers tell you what you already believe, but InterVarsity Press helps you to believe."


Who We Are

Since 1947, InterVarsity Press (IVP) has been publishing thoughtful Christian books that shape both the lives of readers and the cultures they inhabit. Throughout these seventy-five years, our books and authors have established a legacy of speaking boldly into important cultural moments, providing timeless tools for spiritual growth, and equipping Christians for a vibrant life of faith. Read more about IVP's leadership.

Who We Serve

IVP books equip pastors, professors, ministry leaders, and Christian booklovers who want to grow spiritually and impact the world for God's Kingdom. Our books continue to serve as conversation partners for Christians wishing to deepen their personal faith, understand a biblical view of the world around them, and engage with that world faithfully. From the halls of academia to the church pulpit to the public forum, books from IVP strengthen the church, encourage individuals, and shape the academy.

"InterVarsity Press has been an extraordinarily important institution—for its bridge-building, its encouragement of diligent Bible study, its challenges for two generations of serious readers, and much more."


Our Publishing Imprints

IVP creates and publishes content under six imprints. With each imprint we seek to equip pastors, professors, ministry leaders, and Christian booklovers of all ages to deepen their personal faith, understand a biblical view of the world around them. Explore the breadth of our six publishing imprints. Check out our recent award winners and new releases.

Meet Our Authors

IVP authors are the heart and soul behind our books. They have inspired readers in their Christian faith through not only their words but also as practitioners, scholars, and leaders around the world. IVP has an organizational commitment to multiethnicity through the authors and topics that we publish. We are excited to invite both veteran leaders and also emerging, diverse voices into the most important conversations happening today. Meet more of our authors here.

IVP Authors

"IVP allowed me to find my voice. They came alongside me to help me communicate the truth that God gave me to share. Your publisher is your partner, and I’ve experienced IVP to be a ministry partner you can trust."


How We Do Our Work

At IVP, it takes collaboration among countless skilled professionals to produce books that live up to our standards of excellence and beauty. Our publishing team follows a respected editorial philosophy in all of our work. We also print our books using recycled and Forest Stewardship Council certified paper in order to practice ecological stewardship. To equip as many people as we can with life-changing theological resources, we donate free books to ministries like InterVarsity and IFES as well as libraries in schools, prisons, and churches around the world.

So how does a book idea get off the ground, to the printing presses, and onto your bookshelf? Get a glimpse into the book creation process, from author acquisition to cover design to production to distribution.

"InterVarsity Press has published compelling books that bring honor to Christ by cultivating the mind while simultaneously stirring the heart. Not content to rest on past success, this innovative publisher continues to discover and publish first-rate authors for new generations. That’s the mark of a great publisher. That’s the mark of InterVarsity Press."

STAN JANTZ, former president, ECPA

Our Story So Far

What we now know as IVP began as a small service branch of the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship campus ministry just before World War II, until it was officially established as a book publisher in 1947. Today, after years of development and growth, we have nearly one hundred staff based in our office in Lisle, Illinois. Times have changed in those seventy-five years, but nothing has changed about how IVP books have spoken timeless truth across many generations. Learn more about IVP's legacy and seventy-five-year history.

"IVP is just the best!"