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Thanks for Supporting InterVarsity

Recently, one of our staff told me, “I never do ministry alone. When I’m on campus, I know my ministry partners are with me.” It’s true. InterVarsity staff preach more boldly because they know you stand with them. Students and faculty take bigger risks to invite their friends to become Christians because they know you pray. Chapter leaders stand firm on the Gospel in the face of opposition because they see your example.

We’re so thankful for your partnership and presence on campus with us.

Tom Lin

Tom Lin
President, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA

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Featured Video, An Unhurried Leader by Alan Fadling

What does grace-paced leadership look like? Find out with An Unhurried Leader.

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IVP Academic covers disciplines such as theology, philosophy, history, science, psychology, and biblical studies with books ranging from introductory texts to advanced scholarship and authoritative reference works—all of which are evangelically rooted and critically engaged.

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IVP Books are deeply biblical and profoundly practical, discussing topics like Christian living, evangelism, apologetics, justice, mission, and cultural engagement.

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IVP Connect provides Bible studies and small group resources for you and your church, helping individuals and groups discover God's Word and grow in discipleship.

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Formatio books follow the rich tradition of the church in the journey of spiritual formation. These books are not merely about being informed, but about being transformed by Christ and conformed to his image.

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IVP Praxis brings together theory and practice for the advancement of your ministry. Each book uses sound biblical and theological principles to create a venue for addressing the daily challenges of contemporary ministry.

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