IVP Bible Study Experience

IVP Bible Study Experience

Bringing Scripture to Life

IVP Bible Study Experience volumes will help you and your small group uncover the depths of God's Word in a whole new light. Using inductive study methods through both written and video teaching, readers are given the opportunity to learn from trusted Bible teachers and engage with prayer practices, spiritual disciplines, and other tools for engaging with Scripture.

These accessible studies are designed with busy readers in mind, allowing for open-ended reflection and inviting us to discern how to apply the content to our daily lives. Formatted as beautiful workbooks, these studies include plenty of white space for individual reflection as well as inspiring full-color images and graphic elements. With free access to video curriculum included with every purchase, these refreshing and insightful studies will enrich your understanding and connection with Scripture!

Here's what you'll get from IVP Bible Study Experience volumes:

  • Welcoming and accessible Scripture study for groups of any size
  • Each study includes 6-8 weekly group sessions with 5 manageable days of individual reflection each week
  • Free access to weekly video curriculum and a leader's guide is included with every purchase

Praise for the Series

"These devotions are richly researched, raw, and revelatory."
—Michelle T. Sanchez, author of God's Beloved Community

"This unique Bible study invites readers to not only meditate on biblical passages but also apply it to their lives in contemplative, creative ways both individually and in community. It goes beyond a traditional question-and-answer model and engages almost all your senses."
—Mabel Ninan, author of Far from Home

"The invitations to reflect on Scripture and personal experience, to engage in breath prayers, to check in with the Holy Spirit, and to practice family sabbath provide helpful ways to integrate this resource into a personal journey taken alongside others."
—Maria Liu Wong, provost of the City Seminary of New York

Liz Ditty
Tara Edelschick and Kathy Tuan-MacLean
Tara Beth Leach
Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young
Kori de Leon