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Micah 3: How Not to Be a Leader

For more context before you begin studying, read this introduction to the book of Micah.

Perhaps you have heard Lord Acton's saying "Power tends to corrupt. Absolute power corrupts absolutely." Yet strangely, God entrusts us with power. Even though his gifts of power can be used for evil (for example, David having Bathsheba's husband Uriah killed), God does not shield us from it. He gives us spiritual gifts, authority in the church and leadership positions in the world.

Warming Up to God

Consider the different parts of your life. What power has God given to you?

Read Micah 3

Discovering the Word

  • Describe the society and the leaders that Micah so vividly portrays in this chapter.
  • Why might God close his ears to our prayers (vv. 1-4)?
  • In verses 5-7 the prophets do not appear to be pretenders or con artists; rather they have gifts from God that have turned to their own use. How then will the punishment of verse 6 be effective?
  • How does the Spirit of the Lord help Micah stand against his times (v. 8)?
  • The second half of verse 11 says that the leaders believe that the Lord will protect them. How can they think that?

Applying the Word

  • God sometimes calls us to stand against our culture as Micah did (especially v. 8). Where is he calling you to take a stand?
  • How can you guard yourself from using God's gifts for the wrong purpose?
  • All of us have the ability to be self-deluded like the leaders of Israel (v. 11). How can you guard yourself from thinking this way?

Responding in Prayer

As you watch the news or read the newspaper, pray against the evil that you see.

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