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Ryan T. Hartwig and Léonce B. Crump Jr. and Warren Bird
Terence Lester
Kara Lawler
Holly Catterton Allen and Christine Lawton and Cory L. Seibel
Jamaal E. Williams and Timothy Paul Jones
Carmen Joy Imes
Todd W. Hall
Edited by Scott M. Manetsch
David J. Atkinson
Nancy Beach and Samantha Beach Kiley
Heather Thompson Day
Craig G. Bartholomew and Paige P. Vanosky
J. Alec Motyer
I. Howard Marshall and Stephen Travis and Ian Paul
Edited by Christopher Boyd Brown
Dick Lucas and Christopher Green
Jeffrey Bilbro
Spencer Perkins and Chris Rice
Edmund P. Clowney
William Pannell
Edited by J. B. Stump and Chad Meister
John White
Chris Bruno and Jared Compton and Kevin McFadden
Matthew Nelson Hill
Carl F. Ellis Jr.
Brenda Salter McNeil
Christina Bieber Lake
Paul Borthwick
John Stott
John Stott
John Stott
John Stott
John Stott
John Stott
John Stott
John Stott
John Stott
David Höhne
Rick Richardson
Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Darrell L. Bock
Stephen D. Lowe and Mary E. Lowe
Edited by Steve Wilkens
Edited by W. David O. Taylor and Taylor Worley
Tim Muehlhoff and Richard Langer
Kelly M. Kapic
Eckhard J. Schnabel
James W. Reapsome
Philip D. Jamieson
Donald J. Wiseman
E. Michael Green
Joshua Choonmin Kang
Stephen W. Smith
Colin G. Kruse
Alan J. Roxburgh
Os Guinness
Adele Ahlberg Calhoun and Tracey D. Bianchi
Dale Larsen and Sandy Larsen
Abraham George and Nikki A. Toyama-Szeto
Steve Hayner and Sharol Hayner
Gregory A. Boyd
I. Howard Marshall
Timothy Ward
Edited by Steve Wilkens
F. F. Bruce
J. Gordon McConville
Francis A. Schaeffer
Donald Macleod
Dale Hanson Bourke
Paul Copan and Kenneth D. Litwak
Edited by Kay Higuera Smith and Jayachitra Lalitha and L. Daniel Hawk
Jen Pollock Michel
Edited by Carl L. Beckwith
Edited by John L. Thompson
Craig G. Bartholomew and Ryan P. O'Dowd
Edited by Craig S. Farmer
Jerry L. Walls and Joseph R. Dongell
T. C. Ryan
Vaughan Roberts
Vaughan Roberts
Vaughan Roberts
Robert M. Bowman Jr.
Edited by Christopher J. H. Wright
N. T. Wright
N. T. Wright
Kenneth E. Bailey
Michael R. Licona
Princess Kasune Zulu
Margot Starbuck