IVP Carries on Seventy-Five-Year Publishing Legacy with Books About Racial Division, Change, the Next Generation

Throughout its seventy-five years of publishing, InterVarsity Press (IVP) has been intentional about providing books that address issues of justice, race, ethnic identity, and other topics that speak to the culture and the church as a whole. During Black History Month in February, IVP will celebrate its legacy by remembering the many IVP authors who have written and are writing boldly and prophetically about the history, and the future, of the Black experience.

IVP Expands on Historic Book Club with Introduction of IVP Book Drop

With more than one hundred thousand members throughout its lifetime, IVP's Press-o-matic, which came to be known as the IVP Book Club, has been operating for fifty-seven of IVP's seventy-five years, making it the longest-running book club specifically for Christians. IVP is now expanding on the history of the Book Club with the introduction of IVP Book Drop.