InterVarsity Press will publish Dallas Willard's final thoughts on heaven, the kingdom of God, discipleship and spiritual transformation. The book, Living in Christ’s Presence: Final Words on Heaven and the Kingdom of God, was born out of talks that Willard gave with John Ortberg at the Knowing Christ Today conference sponsored by the Dallas Willard Center for Spiritual Formation in February 2013.

InterVarsity Press to Serve as Renovaré Fulfillment Center

Starting November 1, 2013, InterVarsity Press will serve as Renovaré's primary fulfillment partner. Founded in 1988 by Celebration of Discipline author Richard J. Foster, Renovaré (a Latin word meaning “to renew”) is an organization that promotes personal and spiritual renewal.

Award-Winning IVP Black Dictionary Revised and Expanded

InterVarsity Press is pleased to announce the publication of a revised and updated edition of their classic Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels. Over twenty-one years after the publication of the first edition, this full remake of the critically acclaimed 1992 edition has been almost completely rewritten. Over 90 percent of articles from the first edition have been replaced and written by new contributors, and remaining original articles have been thoroughly revised and updated.

Andy Crouch, known as one of Christianity's most compelling visionaries on culture, was the featured speaker at the Q session in New York City Tuesday and Wednesday, September 17 and 18. Crouch addressed one hundred leaders at the Q session on the topic of power and what it means to bear God's image in a culture that has substituted it for many other images.

Academics, the media and diplomats are turning to Os Guinness, a prominent social critic and author of The Global Public Square: Religious Freedom and the Making of a World Safe for Diversity, for his insights into one of the most pressing issues of our time—religious expression and tolerance. Guinness will be the featured speaker at the International Prayer Breakfast for the opening day of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City on Tuesday, September 17.