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Winter 2024 Books

Light of the Word

How Knowing the History of the Bible Illuminates Our Faith

The Lost World of the Prophets

Old Testament Prophecy and Apocalyptic Literature in Ancient Contexts

A Non-Anxious Life

Experiencing the Peace of God's Presence

Now I Lay Me Down to Fight

A Poet Writes Her Way Through Cancer

Persevering Power

Encouragement for When You're Oppressed by Life

The Practice of Remembering

Uncovering the Place of Memories in Our Spiritual Life

Rethinking the Police

An Officer's Confession and the Pathway to Reform

Saint Valentine the Kindhearted

The History and Legends of God's Brave and Loving Servant


Meeting Our Trustworthy God Through Isaiah—A 6-Week Bible Study Experience

What Hath Darwin to Do with Scripture?

Comparing Conceptual Worlds of the Bible and Evolution

The Wood Between the Worlds

A Poetic Theology of the Cross

Working from the Inside Out

A Brief Guide to Inner Work That Transforms Our Outer World