We aren't always honest about how difficult normal human life is. In this four-episode podcast, Alan Noble, author of the book On Getting Out of Bed, delves into the everyday struggles of modern life, discussing how the simple act of getting out of bed can be a powerful testament to the goodness of life and God.

Each episode of the On Getting Out of Bed Podcast provides help, hope, and company for Christians who are experiencing mental suffering. Guests Curt Thompson, Tish Warren, Heather Thompson Day, and Wendy Alsup share hard-won wisdom from their personal journeys with mental health, giving hope and compassion for those struggling and inspiring others to "get out of bed" another day.

The world around us is full of suffering, despair, and anxiety. When you're feeling alone or struggling with your mental health, life is still a good gift—even when it is hard. This podcast will give you companions on your journey.

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IVP is invested in advocating for mental health. Whether it's by publishing books for both individuals and clinicians, producing podcasts like this one, or partnering with organizations like Christian Association for Psychological Studies, IVP provides mental health resources that equip Christians to flourish mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Christians who struggle with their mental health often hear conflicting messages about how their spiritual life and conditions like depression and anxiety relate. But according to author Diana Gruver, we can find a middle road where Christian faith and mental health are integrated in healthy ways. Listen in as she begins a life-giving conversation about the role faith can play in our mental health journey.

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