Living at the Pace of Peace

The world is full of noise. Many are exhausted by the cacophony and chaos of the modern, digital age, where peace is scarce and self-reflection is infrequent. In The Digital Examen, a podcast from IVP, author and pastor Jay Y. Kim converses with a variety of leaders, pastors, and scholars who are working to reorient their lives in the direction of listening, tuning their hearts and minds to hear the voice of God in all of its clarity, kindness, and strength. 

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About The Digital Examen Podcast

What does it mean to slow down and hear from God amid the noise and pace of the digital age? “Like many these days, I often find myself overwhelmed by the chaos of the digital age—so much frenzy, so little peace,” says host Jay Y. Kim. “My hope is that the The Digital Examen will offer people not only a learning experience but an invitation into stillness, with God, as we slow down enough to listen as much as we learn."

In the first season of The Digital Examen, Kim engages in conversations with pastors, writers, and scholars like John Mark Comer, Rich Villodas, Carmen Imes, John Ortberg, Felicia Wu Song, Tim Mackie, and more. These discussions with guests cover themes including reflection, contemplation, spiritual formation and disciplines, faithful engagement with technology, and creating and sustaining fruitful rhythms of life.  

You can read more about The Digital Examen in IVP's press release.

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