A Non-Anxious Life: Experiencing the Peace of God's Presence, By Alan Fadling

A Non-Anxious Life

Experiencing the Peace of God's Presence

by Alan Fadling

A Non-Anxious Life
  • Length: 224 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.5 × 8.5 in
  • Published: February 06, 2024
  • Imprint: IVP Formatio
  • Item Code: A0050
  • ISBN: 9781514000502

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Do you, like so many of us, see anxiety as an incentive to perform? Or a proof of how much you care? Or is anxiety simply an unwelcome shadow over your days, bringing with it clenched teeth and an upset stomach?

Anxiety leads us to succumb to fear and fight peace. Anxious living is a distortion of good motives, blocking the clarity of stillness and rest.

Alan Fadling has also felt mastered by worry, but he brings counsel on how to learn a better way and who to look to for it: Jesus, "the ultimate non-anxious presence." He constructs a posture from which we can rest more deeply, live more fully, and lead better. Fixing our minds on grace and eternity, we can begin to see the benefit of loosening our grip and operating from a sure foundation. Join Alan in releasing anxiety and taking up authentic love in A Non-Anxious Life.

"The holy and unhurried spiritual journey will deeply touch hungry souls longing to pull away from the clamoring vicissitudes of life. While mainstream society focuses on busyness and accomplishments, Alan Fadling calls disciples to detach from such overcommitted, narcissistic lifestyles. A Non-Anxious Life offers a multiplicity of spiritual practices and paradigms that provide genuine transformation. This book makes a clarion call for the beloved to abide in God's presence. Having a relationship with Jesus, the Prince of Peace, is the essential foundation for spiritual maturation and living an unhurried life."

Barbara L. Peacock, spiritual director and author of Soul Care in African American Practice

"I don't often admit the constancy of anxiety in my life—but with Alan Fadling, I think I could risk the honesty. The wisdom of his deeply personal book A Non-Anxious Life has been gained through gracious movement toward the trustworthy friendship of Jesus. As Fadling reminds us through Scripture and story, in the company of Christ—and with a vision of his sufficiency and care—we need never be afraid. What simple, freeing news that readers will benefit to learn—and practice."

Jen Pollock Michel, author of In Good Time and A Habit Called Faith

"Alan Fadling reminds us that 'the peace of Jesus doesn't depend on a stress-free setting. . . . The peace of Jesus is deep-rooted.' This book was a mirror, reminding me of what I need so consistently but am so often too busy to recognize—the abiding peace of Christ and the liberating power it can have. A Non-Anxious Life is a rich, inspiring, and practically helpful book that any and all who wrestle with the frenetic pace of modern life must read."

Jay Kim, pastor and author of Analog Christian

"Alan Fadling is a seasoned and wise guide who gently points the longing and unsatisfied heart in a different direction than to the frenetic pace and seductive siren songs of our noisy and anxious culture. Each carefully chosen word reflects a gifted artist of the soul whose insights from Holy Scripture along with contemplative voices from the past, as well as his own transparent spiritual journey, bring renewed peace and hope to any weary soul. I highly recommend this book."

Tom Nelson, president of Made to Flourish and author of The Flourishing Pastor

"To be human is to be anxious. It is not a question of if, but in what way are we anxious and how we respond to it. Never before have we been more acquainted with all that is true about this; never before have we been more worried about our worry. But thanks be to God, for our good fortune, into our moment comes A Non-Anxious Life, Alan Fadling's superlative offering on what it means to live in the world, practicing becoming the people that Jesus imagines us to become. Vulnerable, accessible, and practical, this volume is timely and filled with great wisdom. Read it and learn to become anxious for nothing, on the way to becoming an outpost of peace in all your life's endeavors."

Curt Thompson, MD, author of The Soul of Desire and The Soul of Shame

"Fadling traces in this stirring outing his search for peace through faith. . . . While Fadling's observations are thought-provoking and eloquently conveyed, readers will find most comfort in his promise that anxiety can coexist with faith and his admission that he too is a work in progress. . . . Stressed-out believers will find succor."

Publishers Weekly, October 2023

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1. Becoming a Master of Anxiety
2. Anxiety Isn't for the Birds
3. Students Become Mentors
4. Gracious Fullness
5. Practicing Presence
6. Simple Virtues
7. Unexpected Paths to Peace
8. A Buoyant Life
9. Confronting the Giant
10. Peace in Troubling Times
11. Embodied Peace
12. Rhythms of Peace
13. Non-Anxious Work
14. Becoming a Master of Peace

Appendix A: A Non-Anxious Prayer
Appendix B: Group Guide


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Alan Fadling

Alan Fadling is president and founder of Unhurried Living, Inc. in Mission Viejo, California. He speaks and consults internationally with organizations such as Saddleback Church, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Cru, Halftime Institute, Apprentice Institute, and Open Doors International. He is the award-winning author of An Unhurried Leader and An Unhurried Life, and coauthor (with Gem Fadling) of What Does Your Soul Love?