Creator: A Theological Interpretation of Genesis 1, By Peter J. Leithart
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  • Published: December 05, 2023
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The Christian claim that the triune God is the creator of the universe is both exegetically grounded and theologically rich.

Yet discussions about God's work of creation are often overwhelmed by questions such as the age of the earth and the relationship between divine creation and evolution. Without completely ignoring such issues, Peter Leithart offers a decidedly theological interpretation of the creation account from Genesis 1.

By engaging with classic discussions of creation, including those of Plato and Aristotle, as well as Christian articulations as varied as those of Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, Sergius Bulgakov, Karl Barth and Robert Jenson, Leithart embraces the challenge of talking about God and God's first work. Here, readers will discover what it means to articulate a theology that is rigorously grounded in the first chapter of the Bible and the creedal affirmation of God the Father almighty, who is the creator of the heavens and earth.

"Yes, this is a theological interpretation of Genesis 1—but it is so much more. Leithart boldly argues that God is the always-already Creator, whose triune love determines what we should take divine simplicity to mean. While scrupulously Protestant in attention to the biblical text, Creator builds creatively on the metaphysical insights of theologians as varied as Milbank, Bulgakov, and Jensen. Leithart's scintillating composition makes for joyful music, echoing the triune song that sings creation into being."

Hans Boersma, Saint Benedict Servants of Christ Professor in Ascetical Theology at Nashotah House Theological Seminary

"Few prolific theologians are always worth reading, but Peter Leithart is the rare exception. Here he explores and praises the triune Creator in critical dialogue with the recent turn to Aquinas in some Reformed and Catholic circles. His construal of Aquinas's perspective is itself worth the price of the book and will stimulate a rich debate!"

Matthew Levering, James N. Jr. and Mary D. Perry Chair of Theology at Mundelein Seminary

"This deeply learned and wide-ranging study boils down to a simple conviction: God can be known and he can be named. Peter Leithart's voice is fresh and refreshing. Though thoroughly orthodox, he is hard to label. His extraordinary learning is all tethered to the defense of the historic wisdom of the church. This book is a must-read for any thoughtful Christian."

William Edgar, professor emeritus of apologetics, Westminster Theological Seminary, and author of A Supreme Love

"Creator is theological exegesis at its finest. Leithart brings forth from the oldest of biblical wineskins startling fresh insights, enabling him to critique classical and process theism alike with his alternative 'metaphysics of Genesis.' Creation here becomes the site for a new battle for the Bible and for the doctrine of God. To read Genesis 1 with Leithart is an exhilarating, even intoxicating experience."

Kevin J. Vanhoozer, research professor of systematic theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"In Creator, Peter Leithart guides the reader through a profound reflection on the foundational creation account of the Scriptures, Genesis 1. Framed by an exploration of the Greek philosophical tradition and the church's relation to it, Leithart calls the church to take our stand 'in the beginning,' at the place where 'God created,' and from there to receive the Word of the triune God. Through his lively prose, Leithart challenges the church to ground our theological reflection in the doctrine of creation, which means to adopt a heart of childlike trust in the Word of the Creator."

Joel Lawrence, executive director of the Center for Pastor Theologians

"'Let there be' an advance in the doctrine of God debates! Leithart moves the conversation forward through his learned exposition of Greek metaphysics, critical analysis of perceived tensions in Thomas Aquinas's thought, exhilarating theological exegesis of the opening lines of Scripture, and proposals for how classical theism could be more thoroughly evangelized. He invites us to revisit (or revise) popular construals of simplicity through the doctrine of the Creator. It is that God, and that God only, whom we know and with whom we have to deal. Benefit from this exercise of 'scriptural purification'—Leithart's iconoclastic effort to demolish conceptual idols that run from the language of God's revelation in the Bible."

James R. Wood, assistant professor of ministry at Redeemer University

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1. Apophaticism, Accommodation, Anthropomorphism
2. Logos, Mythos, Creation
3. Simplicity, Partially Baptized
4. Creator
5. Triune Creator
6. Metaphysics of Genesis
7. God Speaking and God Seeing

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Peter J. Leithart

Peter J. Leithart (PhD, University of Cambridge) is president of Theopolis Institute in Birmingham, Alabama and teacher at Trinity Presbyterian Church. He is the author of many books, including Defending Constantine, Delivered from the Elements of the World, Baptism, and On Earth as in Heaven. He and his wife Noel have ten children and fifteen grandchildren.