Our Mission

To create and publish resources that deepen lives in Christ to engage the university, the church, and the world.

Our Values

Love for God, God's Word, God's People & God's Purposes in the World

Our identity is rooted in our affections for and allegiance to God, whom we seek to worship in spirit and in truth. We wholeheartedly affirm the authority and teachings of the Bible as foundational for our lives and for our publishing decisions. We love the church, respect, and feed on its rich heritage, and desire to serve it with grace and truth. We seek to influence, engage, and shape the university world and our contemporary culture for the sake of Jesus Christ and his kingdom in the world.

Thoughtful Integration of Life

We value ideas and their careful expression. We love the life of the mind and want to "take captive every thought and make it obedient to Jesus Christ." We aim for integration of the whole person—our hearts tutored by truth, our minds shaped by godly affections, our bodies, and souls surrendered with joy to God's good purposes.

Dignity of People & Relationships

We value all people as created in the image of God. We celebrate each person's contribution of gender, ethnicity, church heritage, and personality. We practice a collegial approach to our work that entrusts others with meaningful opportunities and responsibilities. We value open and honest relationships. We care about authors, customers, students, campus staff, vendors, and each other as people we can serve with joy, attentiveness, and trustworthy business transactions. We love to work and have fun!

Beauty & Stewardship in Our Work

We value excellence, eloquence, creativity, skill, and innovation. We desire to produce, package, and distribute books and other resources in ways that reflect the glory of God. We like working in an environment that is clean and attractive, and exhibits the beauty of God's peace. We also value financial integrity and faithful accounting of our business activities. We strive to be responsible and wise in using our resources of time, energy, and money.

IVP's Editorial Philosophy

The editorial department of IVP seeks to acquire, develop, and produce products that meet the following requirements:

  • Reflect Christ's Presence in All of Life
  • Are Audience-Oriented
  • Develop People in Christlikeness
  • Exhibit High Standards of Quality
  • Have Integrity
  • Maintain a Winsome Voice
  • Are Responsibly Biblical
  • Are Consistent with the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Basis of Faith
  • Are Consistent with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
  • Are Prophetic and Expand Worldviews
  • Are Financially Viable