Publishing with InterVarsity Press

"Some publishers tell you what to believe. Other publishers tell you what you already believe. But InterVarsity Press helps you to believe." J. I. Packer

InterVarsity Press is the publishing arm of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and operates within the framework of their Purpose Statement and Doctrinal Basis. This means that our publications are biblically based and reflect mature understanding. We believe that the lordship of Christ must be extended over every area of life, and so we consider manuscripts in virtually every area in which the teachings of our Lord are thoughtfully applied. Nonetheless, because we are an interdenominational movement, we tend not to publish on strictly denominational issues.

Please review our About Us section for more information about our purpose, history, values, faith commitments/doctrinal basis, and our publishing philosophy.

We wish you all the best as you seek to serve Christ through your writing.

IVP Proposal Process

Please read and follow our detailed submission guidelines as you prepare your submission. A complete proposal will include:

  1. cover letter
  2. chapter-by-chapter summary
  3. review of competing/similar books
  4. two complete sample chapters
  5. biographical information

If you have had direct contact with one of our editors at a conference or other event, you should submit your book proposal to that person. If you are associated with a college or seminary and have an academic manuscript, you should submit it to the attention of the Academic Editor.

Mail proposals to InterVarsity Press, P.O. Box 1400, Downers Grove, IL 60515-1426.

Every proposal submitted to InterVarsity Press is reviewed and evaluated with regards to our publishing program. Unfortunately, due to the large number of proposals and manuscripts that are submitted, we are unable to provide updates on the review process or personalized responses to unsolicited proposals. We regret that submissions will not be returned.

Series Submissions

InterVarsity Press publishes many award-winning academic series. We have more specific requirements and a different proposal process for submissions to the following series:

Other Ways to Submit Your Manuscript to Christian Publishers

Manuscripts may be submitted to and The Writer's Edge. These organizations both offer their services at modest rates that allow your work to be reviewed simultaneously by more than forty-five other Christian publishers. Please do not send your proposal or manuscript to us after it has been accepted by or The Writer's Edge. We regularly review their listings, and we will contact you directly if we find your manuscript is a good fit with our current publishing program.

IVP is not able to offer manuscript evaluations due to limited staff. Such a service is available from The Christian Communicator or from the folks at Sally Stuart's Christian Writers' Market Guide.