• The Path of Faith

    The Path of Faith

    A Biblical Theology of Covenant and Law

    Essential Studies in Biblical Theology

    by Brandon D. Crowe

    The closely related biblical themes of covenant and law are among the most important in Scripture. In this ESBT volume, Brandon Crowe considers these themes throughout both Old and New Testaments, laying out key principles such as our obligation to obey our Creator, how Jesus' perfect obedience to God's law opens the way to eternal life, and what the law means for us today.

  • Every Leaf, Line, and Letter

    Every Leaf, Line, and Letter

    Evangelicals and the Bible from the 1730s to the Present

    Edited by Timothy Larsen

    Christians within evangelicalism have always had a high regard for the Bible. How has the eternal Word of God been received across various races, age groups, genders, nations, and eras? This collection of historical studies focuses on evangelicals' defining uses—and abuses—of Scripture, from Great Britain to the Global South, from the high pulpit to private devotions and public causes.

  • The Theology of Jeremiah

    The Theology of Jeremiah

    The Book, the Man, the Message

    by John Goldingay

    How do we think about the theology of the book of Jeremiah? John Goldingay considers the prophet Jeremiah himself, his individual circumstances and those of Judah, and his message. As we view the book of Jeremiah in its entirety, we learn about God, Israel as the people of God, the nature of wrongdoing and prophecy, and what we know about the future.

  • Conspicuous in His Absence

    Conspicuous in His Absence

    Studies in the Song of Songs and Esther

    by Chloe T. Sun

    In the biblical canon, two books lack any explicit reference to the name of God: Song of Songs and Esther. What is the nature of God as revealed in texts that don't use his name? Exploring the often overlooked theological connections between these two Old Testament books, Chloe T. Sun takes on the challenges of God's absence and explores how we think of God when he is perceived to be silent.

  • Commentaries on Job, Hosea, Joel, and Amos

    Commentaries on Job, Hosea, Joel, and Amos

    Ancient Christian Texts

    Edited by Thomas P. Scheck
    by Julian of Eclanum

    In this ACT volume, Thomas Scheck provides a new translation of Julian of Eclanum's commentaries on Job, Hosea, Joel, and Amos. Gain insight into how early Christians read texts such as God's speech to Job, Hosea's symbolic representation of God's unending love for a faithless Israel, Joel's anticipation of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and Amos's call for social justice.

  • The Message of Revelation

    The Message of Revelation

    The Bible Speaks Today Series

    by Michael Wilcock

    Does the book of Revelation describe in veiled language events of its writer's own day, or is it largely a prophecy of events still to come? In this revised BST volume, Michael Wilcock lifts the curtain on Revelation as a drama in eight scenes, highlighting the role of the imagination in grasping this fascinating and enigmatic book.

  • The Message of John's Letters

    The Message of John's Letters

    The Bible Speaks Today Series

    by David Jackman

    In a society that scorned the gospel and sneered at godly living, John encouraged Christians with a message forged from two words: truth and love. In this revised BST volume, David Jackman considers 1, 2, and 3 John by providing historical background, identifying key themes, and offering applications for today.

  • The Message of 2 Peter & Jude

    The Message of 2 Peter & Jude

    The Bible Speaks Today Series

    by Dick Lucas and Christopher Green

    Today, as in the first century, Christians must guard against false guides leading believers astray and causing divisions within the church. Responding to this ever-present danger, 2 Peter and Jude equip readers to discern truth from illusion and exhort them to loyalty, harmony, and spiritual maturity. This revised BST volume offers passage-by-passage exposition of the letters of 2 Peter and Jude.

  • The Message of 1 Peter

    The Message of 1 Peter

    The Bible Speaks Today Series

    by Edmund P. Clowney

    In this revised BST volume, Edmund Clowney expounds the rich pastoral letter of 1 Peter, exploring historical background, key themes, and applications for today. He highlights the life and work of Jesus, the reality of suffering, and the fulfillment of Old Testament promises, showing readers in every era what the story of Jesus' life means for us as we take up our cross and follow him.

  • The Message of James

    The Message of James

    The Bible Speaks Today Series

    by J. Alec Motyer

    The apostle James addressed his readers directly and pointedly, using vivid images from ordinary life and attention-gripping statements. In this revised BST volume, J. A. Motyer's rich exposition brings James's letter to life for today's readers, drawing out memorable themes such as the link between enduring trials and maturity, the implications of careless and evil words, the need for purity, and more.

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