• Trustworthy: Thirteen Arguments for the Reliability of the New Testament, By Benjamin Shaw


    Thirteen Arguments for the Reliability of the New Testament

    by Benjamin Shaw
    Foreword by Gary R. Habermas

    How do we know the New Testament is reliable? In this clear introduction, Dr. Ben Shaw systematically surveys key scholarly topics related to the New Testament's historical credibility. Concise chapters provide guidance for exploring a wide variety of evidence including archaeology, authorship, text criticism, and non-Christian sources.

  • Humble Confidence: A Model for Interfaith Apologetics, By Benno van den Toren and Kang-San Tan

    Humble Confidence

    A Model for Interfaith Apologetics

    by Benno van den Toren and Kang-San Tan

    Benno van den Toren and Kang-San Tan provide a global, intercultural model of apologetics as crosscultural dialogue and accountable witness. Filled with Scriptural examples and real-world experiences, this is a conversational, patient, holistic, and embodied guide to creating true dialogue in our multicultural, multifaith world.

  • Light of the Word: How Knowing the History of the Bible Illuminates Our Faith, By Susan C. Lim

    Light of the Word

    How Knowing the History of the Bible Illuminates Our Faith

    by Susan C. Lim

    The more we understand how Scripture came to be, the more we discover its power and truth. Unpacking how the history of the Bible bolsters our faith, historian Susan Lim explains how Christians came to accept certain documents as inspired and how the books we now call the Bible came to be assembled and canonized as authoritative.

  • World Religions in Seven Sentences: A Small Introduction to a Vast Topic, By Douglas Groothuis

    World Religions in Seven Sentences

    A Small Introduction to a Vast Topic

    Introductions in Seven Sentences

    by Douglas Groothuis

    Understanding other faiths is essential not just to interreligious dialogue, but also to grasping one's own faith. Covering world religions including Atheism, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, Christianity, and Islam, Douglas Groothuis creatively uses a single sentence for each one as a way to open readers to their depth and complexity.

  • The Thrill of Orthodoxy: Rediscovering the Adventure of Christian Faith, By Trevin Wax

    The Thrill of Orthodoxy

    Rediscovering the Adventure of Christian Faith

    by Trevin Wax
    Foreword by Kevin J. Vanhoozer

    Every generation faces the temptation to wander from Christian teaching, and so every generation must be awakened again to the thrill of orthodoxy. Returning to the church's creeds, Trevin Wax beckons us away from the broad yet ultimately boring road of heresy and toward the path of orthodoxy where true adventures can be found.

  • Demystifying Evil: A Biblical and Personal Exploration, By Ingrid Faro

    Demystifying Evil

    A Biblical and Personal Exploration

    by Ingrid Faro
    Foreword by Heather Davediuk Gingrich

    How can we understand God's work in a world permeated with evil? Narrating her own wrestling with evil as well as engaging in biblical and philosophical analysis, biblical scholar Ingrid Faro explores the many dimensions to evil in a way that is soberly honest, biblically engaged, and theologically nuanced.

  • The Great Quest: Invitation to an Examined Life and a Sure Path to Meaning, By Os Guinness

    The Great Quest

    Invitation to an Examined Life and a Sure Path to Meaning

    by Os Guinness

    What is life all about? Is there any meaning to our existence? Os Guinness invites us to examine our lives and join the quest for meaning and a life well lived. Calling for a firm grasp of reason, an honest awareness of conscience, and a living sense of wonder, this volume invites you to come and find yourself on a sure path to meaning.

  • The Genealogical Adam and Eve: The Surprising Science of Universal Ancestry, By S. Joshua Swamidass

    The Genealogical Adam and Eve

    The Surprising Science of Universal Ancestry

    by S. Joshua Swamidass

    What if the biblical creation account is true, with the origins of Adam and Eve taking place alongside evolution? Building on well-established but overlooked science, S. Joshua Swamidass explains how it's possible for Adam and Eve to be rightly identified as the ancestors of everyone, opening up new possibilities for understanding Adam and Eve consistent both with current scientific consensus and with traditional readings of Scripture.

  • A Just Mission: Laying Down Power and Embracing Mutuality, By Mekdes Haddis

    A Just Mission

    Laying Down Power and Embracing Mutuality

    by Mekdes Haddis
    Foreword by Latasha Morrison

    Western mission often centers the senders, without as much understanding of the receivers' experiences. Weaving together theology and stories from diaspora groups, Ethiopian American mission practitioner Mekdes Haddis provides a postcolonial critique of Western mission, upending the white savior complex and arguing for a globally just approach.

  • You Are Not Your Own: Belonging to God in an Inhuman World, By Alan Noble

    You Are Not Your Own

    Belonging to God in an Inhuman World

    by Alan Noble

    Modern life tells us that it's up to us to forge our own identities and to make our lives significant. But the Christian gospel offers a strikingly different vision—one that reframes the way we understand ourselves, our families, our society, and God. Contrasting these two visions of life, Alan Noble invites us into a better understanding of who we are and to whom we belong.

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