• A Just Mission: Laying Down Power and Embracing Mutuality, By Mekdes Haddis

    A Just Mission

    Laying Down Power and Embracing Mutuality

    by Mekdes Haddis
    Foreword by Latasha Morrison

    Western mission often centers the senders, without as much understanding of the receivers' experiences. Weaving together theology and stories from diaspora groups, Ethiopian American mission practitioner Mekdes Haddis provides a postcolonial critique of Western mission, upending the white savior complex and arguing for a globally just approach.

  • You Are Not Your Own: Belonging to God in an Inhuman World, By Alan Noble

    You Are Not Your Own

    Belonging to God in an Inhuman World

    by Alan Noble

    Modern life tells us that it's up to us to forge our own identities and to make our lives significant. But the Christian gospel offers a strikingly different vision—one that reframes the way we understand ourselves, our families, our society, and God. Contrasting these two visions of life, Alan Noble invites us into a better understanding of who we are and to whom we belong.

  • What Hath Darwin to Do with Scripture?: Comparing Conceptual Worlds of the Bible and Evolution, By Dru Johnson

    What Hath Darwin to Do with Scripture?

    Comparing Conceptual Worlds of the Bible and Evolution

    by Dru Johnson

    The book of Genesis might be the most Darwinian text of the ancient world. Can the ideas of Scripture and evolutionary science be mutually illuminating? Biblical scholar Dru Johnson calls us beyond creation-versus-evolution debates to explore the continuities and discontinuities between biblical themes and those of Darwin and modern science.

  • God Behaving Badly: Is the God of the Old Testament Angry, Sexist and Racist?, By David T. Lamb

    God Behaving Badly

    Is the God of the Old Testament Angry, Sexist and Racist?

    by David T. Lamb

    God has a bad reputation. Many think of God as wrathful and angry, smiting people for no apparent reason. But the story is more complicated than that. Without minimizing the sometimes harsh realities of the biblical record, David Lamb unpacks the complexity of the Old Testament and assembles an overall picture that gives coherence to our understanding of God in both Old and New Testaments.

  • Religions on Trial: A Lawyer Examines Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and More, By W. Mark Lanier

    Religions on Trial

    A Lawyer Examines Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and More

    by W. Mark Lanier

    People today encounter a dizzying array of religious options. How do we know what is true? With perceptive insight, trial lawyer Mark Lanier presents the claims made by the world's great religions and cross-examines their witnesses to determine whether their claims are worthy of belief, showing what a difference it makes for our own lives.

  • When Everything's on Fire: Faith Forged from the Ashes, By Brian Zahnd

    When Everything's on Fire

    Faith Forged from the Ashes

    by Brian Zahnd

    Is it possible to hold on to faith in an age of unbelief? Written with personal and pastoral experience, Brian Zahnd extends an invitation to move beyond the crisis of faith toward the journey of reconstruction. As the world rapidly changes in ways that feel incompatible with Christianity, this book provides much-needed hope that a stronger, more confident faith is possible.

  • Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith, By Douglas Groothuis

    Christian Apologetics

    A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith

    by Douglas Groothuis

    The Christian faith offers people hope. But how can we know that Christianity is true? How can Christians confidently present their beliefs in the face of doubts and competing views? In this second edition of a landmark apologetics text, Douglas Groothuis makes a clear and rigorous case for Christian theism, addressing the most common questions and objections raised regarding Christianity.

  • Neighboring Faiths: A Christian Introduction to World Religions, By Winfried Corduan

    Neighboring Faiths

    A Christian Introduction to World Religions

    by Winfried Corduan

    In this updated and revised edition of a classic text, readers will find informed, empathetic insights into world religions like Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Native American religion, and many more. Emphasizing both formal teaching and daily practice, this text shows Christians how to engage adherents of these faiths in constructive dialogue.

  • Atheism on Trial: A Lawyer Examines the Case for Unbelief, By W. Mark Lanier

    Atheism on Trial

    A Lawyer Examines the Case for Unbelief

    by W. Mark Lanier

    In the courtroom, lawyers establish certain facts to prove their cases. But can the legal mind discern the validity of one's belief or unbelief? With an even-handed approach, nationally recognized trial lawyer Mark Lanier explores whether atheistic frameworks give satisfactory answers for understanding human existence and considers the questions of agnostics as to whether God is knowable.

  • Does God Exist?: A History of Answers to the Question, By W. David Beck

    Does God Exist?

    A History of Answers to the Question

    by W. David Beck

    Does God exist? In one incisive volume, philosopher W. David Beck offers a narrative of pre-Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, and Islamic arguments for God's existence. In this history of answers to an essential question, readers will encounter both classical and contemporary arguments, including cosmological, teleological, moral, and ontological arguments.

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