InterVarsity Press offers more than 500 reference and commentary titles to stock your library!

Our trusted reference works and commentary series have become staples for the bookshelves of pastors, Bible study teachers, and professors who want to dig deep into Scripture and biblical context. Whether you're looking for a comprehensive dictionary, an accessible overview, or a highly detailed Bible commentary, IVP has the resources you need to support personal or group study.

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Bestselling Reference

Our bestselling reference works come from the minds of some of the world's most respected scholars, past and present. If you're looking to deepen your understanding of biblical context, get help with interpretation and hermeneutics, or expand your knowledge of theology, you've come to the right place.

Commentary Series

Owning a commentary series opens up new doors for in-depth study of the Bible. Hear how the church fathers interpreted Scripture with the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture and read the Bible with the Reformers in the Reformation Commentary on Scripture. Want to hear from modern scholars? Try The Bible Speaks Today series. Explore all of our commentary series below.