Essential Studies in Biblical Theology

Essential Studies in Biblical Theology

Series edited by Benjamin L. Gladd

Essential Studies in Biblical Theology (ESBT) explores the central or "essential” themes of the Bible's grand storyline. Whereas existing series on biblical theology are generally open-ended, the ESBT will be limited to ten or so volumes. By restricting the entire series, the scope of the project is established from the beginning.

Taking cues from Genesis 1-3, each author teases out a unique theme throughout the entire sweep of the history of redemption. The ESBT project functions as a whole in that each theme is intentional, and each volume does not stand solely on its own merits. The individual volumes interlock with one another, and, taken together, form a complete and cohesive unit.

Written for students, church leaders and laypeople, the ESBT is intended to be an introduction to core biblical-theological themes of the Bible—accessible, yet rich in content.

Benjamin L. Gladd
L. Michael Morales
Matthew S. Harmon
Brandon D. Crowe
G. K. Beale and Mitchell Kim
T. Desmond Alexander
M. Jeff Brannon
Edward W. Klink III
Stephen G. Dempster