The Biblical Imagination Series

For years Michael Card's music has imaginatively explored the narrative power of the Word of God. In the Biblical Imagination Series, Card invites you to read his devotional commentary of the gospels.

In Matthew: The Gospel of Identity, Card leads us to see the unique purpose of Matthew's Gospel both in the lives of the early Christians and for us today. Matthew presents the process of redefinition as an exercise of the imagination, in which Jesus reshapes who we are in light of who he is.

Knowing that Mark intended us to be filled with passion at the sight of Jesus, Card teaches us to enter each scene in the Gospel account with the eyes of faith in Mark: The Gospel of Passion.

Picturing Luke as historian, Gentile, doctor and slave, Luke: The Gospel of Amazement approaches Luke's written account with questions that engage the imagination. Throughout the life and ministry of Jesus, those who met him were astonished by their encounter, from the shepherds at the nativity to the disciples at the empty tomb.

John, the longest-surviving of the apostles, recorded in his Gospel a portrait of Jesus built on years of reflection. In John: The Gospel of Wisdom, Card shows how John fills out our picture of Jesus' divine identity, with stories and sayings of Jesus not recorded by the other Gospel writers.

"Michael Card has captured our imaginations with his books centering on the four Gospels. . . . Providing the backstory, historical, and emotional context, he connects and weaves together the 'Story' from the two testaments and places us squarely in the middle of the action—a distillation that reads like a Bible and a film script. Dull hearts feel, blind eyes see, and disengaged minds connect to passages heard or read many times—and to the person of Jesus."

Worship Leader Magazine, July/August 2013

"These volumes help us discover the biblical text for ourselves, ask our own questions and discover deeper truths. Taking seriously the individual life of each Gospel writer, the Biblical Imagination Series reintegrates our minds with our hearts to recapture our imagination with the beauty and power of Christ. . . . Heartily recommended!"

Bible Review Journal, Spring 2014
Michael Card
Michael Card
Michael Card