Mark: The Gospel of Passion, By Michael Card
Mark: The Gospel of Passion
  • Length: 208 pages
  • Dimensions: 6 × 9 in
  • Published: January 23, 2012
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 3813
  • ISBN: 9780830838134

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"Follow Me," Jesus told them, "and I will make you into fishers of men!" Immediately they left their nets and followed Him. --Mark 1:17-18

The Gospel of Mark is a book of action and passion. Events happen one after another, with a vivid sense of immediacy and urgency. Jesus? emotions come through strongly--at times he is angry and distressed, other times filled with compassion.

In this volume, Michael Card provides a lively tour of the Gospel of Mark. As a friend and interpreter of Simon Peter, Mark gives firsthand glimpses of the life and ministry of Jesus in vibrant and energetic narration. The first Gospel to be written, Mark is a "pamphlet for hard times," encouraging Christians that all their sufferings were already endured by Jesus.

Accompany Mark on his journey with Jesus. The more clearly you see Jesus here, the greater your passion will be for him.

"These volumes help us discover the biblical text for ourselves, ask our own questions and discover deeper truths. Taking seriously the individual life of each gospel writer, the Biblical Imagination Series reintegrates our minds with our hearts to recapture our imagination with the beauty and power of Christ. . . . Heartily recommended!"

Bible Review Journal, Spring 2014

"The depth and format definitely work well as a devotional resource. In fact, it is hard to imagine a better use for it than personal or small group devotions. . . . Card writes a very engaging and accessible purview into Mark and his book."

Adam Griffin, YouthWorker Journal, July/August 2012

"Mark is not a book to be read quickly, but to savor slowly. You'll find new insight from Card's richly textured work, allowing the Biblical material to penetrate your heart more deeply."

Susan E. Richardson, Metro Christian Living, April 2012


Preface: The Biblical Imagination
Introduction: Who Is Mark?

Major Themes
The So-Called Messianic Secret
The Fiery Trial
The Gospel of Passion: The Emotional Life of Jesus
Mark 1
The Good News of Jesus—Christ and God?s Son (1:1)
The Overwhelming Significance of John (1:2-8)
In the Wilderness (1:9-13)
His First Words (1:14-20)
Initial Unhindered Success (1:21-28)
Why He Has Come (1:29-39)
An Emotional Window (1:40-45)
Mark 2: Stories of the Inappropriateness of Jesus
Forgives the Unforgivable (2:1-12)
Accepts the Unacceptable (2:13-17)
The Old Orthodoxy and the New Reality (2:18-22)
Lord over Orthodoxy (2:23-27)
Mark 3: Discipling the Disciples
Sabbath Observance (3:1-6)
What Can?t Be Kept Secret (3:7-12)
The Call (3:13-19)
Fundamental Recognition (3:20-34)
Mark 4: The Second Stage of Galilean Ministry
The Paradigm Parable (A Seed Parable) (4:1-20)
The Nature of Light (4:21-25)
More Seed Parables (4:26-34)
A Great Wind, a Great Calm and a Great Fear (4:35-41)
Mark 5: People at Jesus? Feet
An Unqualified Apostle (5:1-20)
A Dying Woman (5:21-35)
A Dead Daughter (5:36-43)
Mark 6: Two Banquets
The Amazed Jesus (6:1-5)
The Commission (6:6-13)
A Puzzling Wealth of Detail (6:14-29)
Perfect Provision (6:30-44)
The Incomplete Story of the Water Walker (6:45-56)
Mark 7
More Unorthodoxy (7:1-23)
Crumbs for the Puppies (7:24-30)
An Unsecret Healing (7:31-37)
Mark 8
Another Feast, a Different Miracle (8:1-13)
Another Misunderstanding About Bread (8:14-21)
Eyes Progressively Opened (8:22-26)
More Than He Knows (8:27-30)
What ?Messiah? Means (8:31-38)
Mark 9
Revelation and Fear (9:1-13)
Believing and Not Believing (9:14-32)
A Recurring Argument (9:33-37)
Salted with Fire (9:38-50)
Mark 10: Four Questions
Of Divorce (10:1-16)
Of Salvation (10:17-31)
Of Suffering (10:32-45)
Of Fundamental Need (10:46-52)
Mark 11
An Untraditional Triumph (11:1-11)
The Temple and the Tree (11:12-26)
A Contest of Questions (11:27-33)
Mark 12: Final Questions
What Will He Do? (12:1-12)
To Caesar or Not? (12:13-17)
Whose Will She Be? (12:18-27)
The Greatest Commandment? (12:28-34)
Whose Son Is the Christ? (12:35-40)
The Widow?s Offering (12:41-44)
Mark 13: The Simplicity of Jesus?
End-Time Teaching. . 156
The Fate of the Massive Stones! (13:1-23)
A Dramatic Shift (13:24-31)
More Than Knowing (13:32-37)
Mark 14
The Anointing (14:1-11)
The Lord?s Supper (14:12-26)
The Emotional Unraveling of Peter (14:27-31)
Abba (14:32-42)
The Kiss (14:43-52)
I Am (14:53-72)
Mark 15
Before Pilate (15:1-15)
Jesus Crucified (15:16-32)
The Torn Curtain (15:33-41)
A Rich Man of Courage (15:42-47)
Mark 16
They Were Afraid (16:1-8)

A. Ancient Sources on the Relationship Between Peter and Mark
B. References to the Emotional Life of Jesus in the Gospels
C. Historical References to the Period of Mark?s Gospel
D. References to Mark in the New Testament
E. The Additional Ending of Mark

About the Author
About the Biblical Imagination Series


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