• Speaking by the Numbers

    Speaking by the Numbers

    Enneagram Wisdom for Teachers, Pastors, and Communicators

    by Sean Palmer
    Foreword by Suzanne Stabile

    It's not just what you say, but how you say it. Combining communication principles with Enneagram wisdom, Sean Palmer teaches leaders, pastors, and teachers how to convey content in ways that both inspire and connect with their audiences. Providing real-life examples of speeches, Palmer develops communication strategies that lead to connection, transformation, and mobilization.

  • The Next Worship

    The Next Worship

    Glorifying God in a Diverse World

    The IVP Signature Collection

    by Sandra Maria Van Opstal
    Foreword by Mark Labberton

    How do we help our congregations navigate the journey of worshipping in a multicultural context? Innovative worship leader Sandra Van Opstal gives leaders and churches guidance, providing biblical foundations for multiethnic worship and practical tools for planning services that reflect God's invitation for all peoples to praise him.

  • To Think Christianly

    To Think Christianly

    A History of L'Abri, Regent College, and the Christian Study Center Movement

    by Charles E. Cotherman
    Foreword by Kenneth G. Elzinga

    In this comprehensive history, Charles Cotherman traces the stories of notable study centers and networks, as well as their influence on twentieth-century Christianity. Beginning with the innovations of L'Abri and Regent College, Cotherman sheds new light on these defining places in evangelicalism's life of the mind.

  • Scribbling in the Sand

    Scribbling in the Sand

    Christ and Creativity

    The IVP Signature Collection

    by Michael Card
    Foreword by Makoto Fujimura

    Singer, songwriter, and student of Scripture Michael Card explores the biblical foundations of true Christian creativity. With Jesus as his model, Card shows how understanding God's creative imagination leads to a lifestyle of humility and servanthood, inviting us to follow God's creative call through worship and community and respond with worshipful creativity.

  • Sermons That Sing

    Sermons That Sing

    Music and the Practice of Preaching

    Dynamics of Christian Worship

    by Noel A. Snyder
    Foreword by Jeremy Begbie

    Preaching and music are both regular elements of Christian worship, yet they often don't interact or inform each other in meaningful ways. Theologian, pastor, and musician Noel A. Snyder considers how preaching that seeks to engage hearts and minds might be helpfully informed by musical theory—so that preachers might craft sermons that sing.

  • The Art of New Creation

    The Art of New Creation

    Trajectories in Theology and the Arts

    Studies in Theology and the Arts Series

    Edited by Jeremy Begbie, Daniel Train, and W. David O. Taylor

    Creation and the new creation are inextricably bound, for the God who created the world is the same God who promises a new heaven and a new earth. Bringing together theologians, biblical scholars, and artists, this volume based on the DITA10 conference at Duke Divinity School explores how the relation between creation and the new creation is informed by and reflected in the arts.

  • Ministers of a New Medium

    Ministers of a New Medium

    Broadcasting Theology in the Radio Ministries of Fulton J. Sheen and Walter A. Maier

    by Kirk D. Farney
    Foreword by Mark A. Noll

    Kirk D. Farney explores the work of Fulton J. Sheen and Walter A. Maier as groundbreaking leaders combining theology and technology to spread the gospel in the "Golden Age" of radio. With careful attention to both the theological content and the cultural influence of these masters of a new medium, this study sheds new light on the history of media and Christianity in the United States.

  • Speaking Across Generations

    Speaking Across Generations

    Messages That Satisfy Boomers, Xers, Millennials, Gen Z, and Beyond

    by Darrell E. Hall
    Foreword by Haydn Shaw

    Different generations communicate differently. With fresh research from the Barna Group on how generations communicate, Darrell Hall sheds light on how each generation receives verbal messages, from Boomers and Xers to millennials and Gen Z. Discover how generational science can bridge the gap between speaker and listener so people of all generations can hear clearly.

  • Seeing Is Believing

    Seeing Is Believing

    The Revelation of God Through Film

    Studies in Theology and the Arts Series

    by Richard Vance Goodwin

    In this study in IVP Academic's STA series, theologian Richard Goodwin considers how the images that constitute film might be a conduit of God's revelation. By considering works by Stanley Kubrik, Martin Scorsese, Terrence Malick, and more, Goodwin argues that by inviting emotional responses, film images can be a medium of divine revelation.

  • The Medieval Mind of C. S. Lewis

    The Medieval Mind of C. S. Lewis

    How Great Books Shaped a Great Mind

    by Jason M. Baxter

    Many readers know C. S. Lewis as the fantasy writer of the Chronicles of Narnia or the apologist of Mere Christianity. But few know how deeply Lewis was formed by medieval authors like Dante and Boethius and how he saw their worldviews' relevance to the challenges of the modern world. Here, readers will encounter Lewis the medievalist to guide them in their own journey.

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