• Humble Confidence

    Humble Confidence

    A Model for Interfaith Apologetics

    by Benno van den Toren and Kang-San Tan

    Benno van den Toren and Kang-San Tan provide a global, intercultural model of apologetics as crosscultural dialogue and accountable witness. Filled with Scriptural examples and real-world experiences, this is a conversational, patient, holistic, and embodied guide to creating true dialogue in our multicultural, multifaith world.

  • The Cross in Context

    The Cross in Context

    Reconsidering Biblical Metaphors for Atonement

    by Jackson W.
    Foreword by Joshua M. McNall

    How has our understanding of cultural and historical context shaped our views on atonement? Combining missiology, theology, and biblical studies, theologian Jackson W. draws from the entire biblical canon to help Christians interpret Scripture more faithfully and form a richer, more robust theology of atonement.

  • A Just Mission

    A Just Mission

    Laying Down Power and Embracing Mutuality

    by Mekdes Haddis
    Foreword by Latasha Morrison

    Western mission often centers the senders, without as much understanding of the receivers' experiences. Weaving together theology and stories from diaspora groups, Ethiopian American mission practitioner Mekdes Haddis provides a postcolonial critique of Western mission, upending the white savior complex and arguing for a globally just approach.

  • First Nations Version

    First Nations Version

    An Indigenous Translation of the New Testament

    by Terry M. Wildman
    Consulting Editor First Nations Version Translation Council

    The First Nations Version (FNV) recounts the Creator's Story—the Christian Scriptures—following the tradition of Native storytellers' oral cultures. While remaining faithful to the original language of the New Testament, the FNV is a dynamic equivalence translation that captures the simplicity, clarity, and beauty of Native storytellers in English.

  • Inalienable


    How Marginalized Kingdom Voices Can Help Save the American Church

    by Eric Costanzo, Daniel Yang, and Matthew Soerens

    With our witness compromised, numbers down, and reputation sullied, the American church is at a critical crossroads. In order for the church to return to health, we must decenter ourselves from our American idols and be guided by global Christians and the poor, who offer hope from the margins, and the ancient church, refocusing on the kingdom, image, Word, and mission of God.

  • T. F. Torrance as Missional Theologian

    T. F. Torrance as Missional Theologian

    The Ascended Christ and the Ministry of the Church

    New Explorations in Theology

    by Joseph H. Sherrard
    Foreword by Alan Torrance

    What contribution can T. F. Torrance make to the discussion of a "missional" view of the church? Theologian and pastor Joseph Sherrard considers how Torrance's theology can inform the church's understanding of its ministry and mission—in particular, his appeal to the church's participation in the ascended Christ's threefold office as king, prophet, and priest.

  • Thirsting for Living Water

    Thirsting for Living Water

    Finding Adventure and Purpose in God's Redemption Story

    by Michael J. Mantel
    Foreword by Richard Stearns

    When personal and global events threw Mike Mantel into a dark night of the soul, he embarked on a journey around the world to rediscover God's holistic gospel driven by compassion, justice, and mercy. Embark on your own adventure and open your eyes to the ways God is already at work at home, among neighbors, and to the ends of the earth.

  • The Shape of Christian History

    The Shape of Christian History

    Continuity and Diversity in the Global Church

    by Scott W. Sunquist

    How should thoughtful Christians—especially historians and missiologists—make sense of global Christianity as an unfolding historical movement? Highlighting both the continuity and the diversity within the Christian movement over the centuries, this comprehensive resource from Scott Sunquist offers a framework for how to read and write church history.

  • Reading the Bible Around the World

    Reading the Bible Around the World

    A Student’s Guide to Global Hermeneutics

    by Federico Alfredo Roth, Justin Marc Smith, Kirsten Oh, Alice Yafeh-Deigh, and Kay Higuera Smith

    Who we are shapes how we read. Guided by an expert team of crosscultural scholars, readers will gain a deeper understanding of the influence of their own social location, building up self-awareness, other-awareness, and true dialogue in the process. Grow in your biblical wisdom as you read Scripture alongside the global Christian community.

  • Foretaste of the Future

    Foretaste of the Future

    Reading Revelation in Light of God's Mission

    by Dean Flemming

    For many Christians, the book of Revelation is a confusing, coded screenplay for the end times. But when we read Revelation as focused on the future, we miss what it says about what God is doing in the world now. Dean Flemming mines this untapped resource by introducing a missional reading that draws on a variety of cultural perspectives.

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