Sacred Attachment: Escaping Spiritual Exhaustion and Trusting in Divine Love, By Michael John Cusick
Sacred Attachment
  • Length: 224 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.5 × 8.5 in
  • Published: January 07, 2025
  • Imprint: IVP Formatio
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  • ISBN: 9781514008317

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What do you do when the gap between what you believe and what you experience feels insurmountable? Where do you turn when trauma leaves you feeling lost, ashamed, and exhausted, spinning in spiritual uncertainty but still longing for relationship with God?

Michael John Cusick voices the questions and contradictions that are inherently part of living an authentic spiritual faith. With raw honesty and vulnerability, he shares his own zigzagging path to God and reveals how brokenness and pain can become the gateway to experiencing joyful divine attachment. Because God's love has you, you can put aside fear and loneliness—and you can rest seen, soothed, safe, and secure in God's presence. Cusick's gentle, trauma-informed guidance lets you reimagine life with God in a way that repairs wounds and deeply satisfies your soul.

You're not losing your faith; you're shedding baggage. Your struggle to believe is not a barrier—it's the bridge to a restorative, embodied spirituality.

"Trauma, exhaustion, shame, and pain are all part of life. However, the brighter side of life consists of love, contentment, peace, and joy. The latter are spiritual fruit that develop throughout the course of life. In the book Sacred Attachment, Michael John Cusick understands that both sides of the coin are part of the divine plan. He masterfully weaves his spiritual journey from childhood to adulthood in his writing. His transparent description of the devout spirituality of his family leaves the reader with a sense of 'being right there,' experiencing explicit segments of the journey. He takes the reader on a spiritual journey from growing up with fear and anxiety about his faith to becoming an adult who delights in the blessed assurance of experiencing a more intimate relationship with Yahweh. And that is why we were created!"

Barbara L. Peacock, founder of Peacock Soul Care and author of Soul Care in African American Practice


1. Spinning: Escaping and Experiencing God's Embrace
2. Delta: Closing the Gap Between Believing and Knowing
3. Attached: Being Held and Beheld
4. Evil: Rejecting the Lies About God and About Ourselves
5. Embodied: Connecting to Our Bodies and Connecting to God
6. Turning : Discovering We Are Broken, But Not Bad
7. Wholly: Becoming Whole and Holy
8. Known: Facing Our Deepest Desire and Greatest Fear
9. Mysticism: Experiencing Spiritual Oneness with God
10. Imagination: Learning to See with the Eyes of the Heart
11. Practice: Embodying Our Connection with God
12. Overflow: Opening Our Hearts to Vulnerability

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Michael John Cusick

Michael John Cusick is the CEO and founder of Restoring the Soul, an intensive counseling ministry in Denver. He is a licensed professional counselor, spiritual director, and former assistant professor of counseling at Colorado Christian University. Michael is the author of Surfing for God, and his articles have appeared in such places as Relevant, Huffington Post, and Red Letter Christians. He and his wife, Julianne, have two grown children and live in Littleton, Colorado.