• Business for the Common Good: A Christian Vision for the Marketplace, By Kenman L. Wong and Scott B. Rae

    Business for the Common Good

    A Christian Vision for the Marketplace

    Christian Worldview Integration Series

    by Kenman L. Wong and Scott B. Rae

    Is business just a way to make money? Or can the marketplace be a venue for service to others? Scott B. Rae and Kenman L. Wong seek to explore this and other critical business issues from a uniquely Christian perspective, offering up a vision for work and service that is theologically grounded and practically oriented.

  • Economics in Christian Perspective: Theory, Policy and Life Choices, By Victor V. Claar and Robin J. Klay

    Economics in Christian Perspective

    Theory, Policy and Life Choices

    by Victor V. Claar and Robin J. Klay

    Victor Claar and Robin Klay introduce students to the basic principles of economics and then evaluate the principles and issues as seen from a Christian perspective. This textbook places the economic life in the context of Christian discipleship and stewardship. This text is for use in any course needing a survey of the principles of economics.

  • Neither Poverty nor Riches: A Biblical Theology of Possessions, By Craig L. Blomberg

    Neither Poverty nor Riches

    A Biblical Theology of Possessions

    New Studies in Biblical Theology

    by Craig L. Blomberg
    Series edited by D. A. Carson

    One of the most difficult questions facing Christians today is that of the proper attitude toward possessions. What action should we take on behalf of the poor? What should we do with our own possessions? In this NSBT volume, Craig Blomberg asks what the Bible has to say about these issues. Avoiding easy answers, he draws on the Old and New Testaments to seek a comprehensive biblical theology of possessions.

  • Mastering Monday: A Guide to Integrating Faith and Work, By John D. Beckett

    Mastering Monday

    A Guide to Integrating Faith and Work

    by John D. Beckett
    Foreword by Ken Blanchard

    Businessman and CEO John Beckett calls us to the transformation of the workplace into a place where the kingdom of God is experienced. Drawing on a lifetime of wisdom and business acumen, Beckett invites us to enter into the privilege of working in active partnership with God himself.

  • Business Ethics in Biblical Perspective: A Comprehensive Introduction, By Michael E. Cafferky

    Business Ethics in Biblical Perspective

    A Comprehensive Introduction

    by Michael E. Cafferky

    Michael Cafferky sets a new standard in the field of business ethics with this comprehensive textbook from a Christian perspective. Using twelve biblical themes to evaluate contemporary ethical approaches and concerns, he covers consumer behavior, management, accounting, marketing, corporate responsibility and more.

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