• Redeeming Law

    Redeeming Law

    Christian Calling and the Legal Profession

    by Michael P. Schutt

    Michael Schutt provides insight and guidance about being both a Christian and a lawyer. Some may be skeptical, but he discusses the ins and outs of both law school and legal practice and makes clear many of the practical connections between the daily demands of the profession and following Christ.

  • To Give or Not to Give

    To Give or Not to Give

    Rethinking Dependency, Restoring Generosity, and Redefining Sustainability

    by John Rowell
    Foreword by Peter Kuzmic

    John Rowell sets out a program that will enable affluent churches in the West to give generously across cultures without fear of promoting dependent, hierarchical relationships.

  • Entrepreneurial Leadership

    Entrepreneurial Leadership

    Finding Your Calling, Making a Difference

    by Richard J. Goossen and R. Paul Stevens

    Drawing on exhaustive research, practical experience and decades of teaching marketplace theology, Richard Goossen and R. Paul Stevens present a theologically robust vision of Christian entrepreneurship for leaders who would seek to ground their calling in the mission of the triune God.

  • Fixing the Moral Deficit

    Fixing the Moral Deficit

    A Balanced Way to Balance the Budget

    by Ronald J. Sider

    There is a way--a realistic way, a moral way--to fix the deficit. If you are tired of politics as usual that fails to operate as if people mattered, take heart in Ron Sider's balanced, practical approach. Consistent with deeply Christian principles, he offers a way forward that truly provides justice for all.

  • Reason in the Balance

    Reason in the Balance

    The Case Against Naturalism in Science, Law Education

    by Phillip E. Johnson

    Phillip E. Johnson exposes the flawed underpinnings of naturalism in this discussion of evolution, sex education, abortion, God, the search for a grand unified theory in physics, what our public schools should teach, the basis of law and more.

  • Organizational Leadership

    Organizational Leadership

    Foundations and Practices for Christians

    Edited by Jack Burns, John R. Shoup, and Donald C. Simmons Jr.

    This comprehensive text for Christians on organizational leadership provides theological foundations while tracing the historic roots of management, organization and leadership theories. All of this leads to five essential challenges and practices--communication, negotiation, decision-making, financial stewardship and personal development.

  • Bulls, Bears and Golden Calves

    Bulls, Bears and Golden Calves

    Applying Christian Ethics in Economics

    by John E. Stapleford

    John Stapleford interacts with seven standard introductory economics texts to show how ethics are inextricably intertwined with economic life and analysis. This revised and expanded edition includes discussions of entitlements, global poverty, government debt, healthcare reform and immigration reform.

  • Great Commission Companies

    Great Commission Companies

    The Emerging Role of Business in Missions

    by Steven Rundle and Tom A. Steffen

    In this landmark book, economist Steve Rundle and missiologist Tom Steffen offer their paradigm for the convergence of business and missions--the Great Commission Company. This revised and expanded edition provides new and updated case studies of Great Commission Companies in diverse contexts around the world.

  • Why Business Matters to God

    Why Business Matters to God

    (And What Still Needs to Be Fixed)

    by Jeff Van Duzer

    This book explores the nature and meaning of doing business and finds it calls for much more than most think. Seattle Pacific School of Business Dean Jeff Van Duzer presents a robust Christian approach that integrates biblical studies with the disciplines of business and displays a vision of business that contributes to the very purposes of God.

  • Economic Parables

    Economic Parables

    The Monetary Teachings of Jesus Christ

    by David Cowan

    Financial expert David Cowan reflects on the economic parables of Jesus to understand life in an increasingly globalized economy. Jesus' words shed light on a broad range of fiscal issues from paying bills to wise investment to just socio-economic conditions.

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