Do you seek the truth?

Do you value reason, science, and independent thinking? Are you skeptical of beliefs that people maintain merely "on faith," yet you remain interested in the big questions of life? Do you hope there could be a greater purpose to the universe, if only that were realistic?

If so, then philosopher Joshua Rasmussen can encourage you in your journey. Beginning with his own story of losing faith and the belief in any ultimate purpose in life, he then builds a bridge to faith. Using only the instruments of reason and common experience, Rasmussen constructs a pathway—step by step, brick by brick—that he argues can lead to meaning and, ultimately, a vision of God.

"Professor Rasmussen is a top Christian philosopher, a deeply devoted believer and a longtime personal friend. He identifies his primary audience as a skeptic who cares about truth, is interested in life's big questions, and believes only what can be supported by reason. And Rasmussen hits the bull's-eye. Along with Mere Christianity, How Reason Can Lead to God is the book to give to such a person. But don't let this aim fool you. This book is a must-read for believers who love philosophy or apologetics. You will learn a ton by reading this book, and by reading it your ability to think will be vastly increased. The flow of Rasmussen's argument for God is developed with such precision and care that, quite frankly, it could not be improved. I am so excited about How Reason Can Lead to God and can't wait to see its impact. So put on your thinking hat, buy it, and study it carefully."

JP Moreland, distinguished professor of philosophy, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, author of Scientism and Secularism


1. When Reason Leads to Doubt
2. The Bridge of Reason
3. Foundation
4. Testing Ground
5. Eternal Power
6. Purely Actual
7. Foundation of Mind
8. Foundation of Matter
9. Foundation of Morals
10. Foundation of Reason
11. Perfect Foundation
12. Challenging the Bridge
13. Removing Barriers
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Joshua Rasmussen (PhD, Notre Dame) is associate professor of philosophy at Azusa Pacific University. He is the author of Defending the Correspondence Theory of Truth and Necessary Existence. He lives in Azusa, California, with his wife, Rachel, and their four children.

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