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    Introduction to Political Science

    A Christian Perspective

    by Fred Van Geest

    Christians are called to be informed about political science as they seek to be ambassadors for Christ in a diverse society. In this introductory textbook, Fred Van Geest presents a balanced Christian perspective on political science, providing a nonpartisan guide to the key concepts, institutions, and policies that shape politics today.

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    Why Politics Needs Religion

    The Place of Religious Arguments in the Public Square

    by Brendan Sweetman

    Should religion and politics mix? Brendan Sweetman says it can, and that in fact, politics without some religious belief contributes little to civil society. Likewise, religion is in no danger when it takes its proper place in political debate. For any perceptive reader who wants to explore the relationship between religion and politics, or culture wars issues.

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    Power, Politics and the Fragmentation of Evangelicalism

    From the Scopes Trial to the Obama Administration

    by Kenneth J. Collins

    Kenneth J. Collins narrates the turbulent history of American evangelical political engagement since the 1920s, and the fragmentation of the movement?s public voice since the 1970s. Arguing that the gospel cannot be reduced to a political idiom, Collins proposes a path for evangelical identity that avoids both fundamentalism and liberalism.

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    Politics for the Greatest Good

    The Case for Prudence in the Public Square

    by Clarke Forsythe

    Leading policy strategist Clarke Forsythe campaigns for a recovery of the virtue of prudence and for its application by policymakers and citizens to contemporary public policy. In particular he applies these concepts to the pro-life debate, arguing for political prudence and gradual change as the most effective way to achieve political and legislative goals.

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    Church, State and Public Justice

    Five Views

    Spectrum Multiview Book Series

    Edited by P. C. Kemeny
    Contributions by Clarke E. Cochran, Derek H. Davis, Corwin E. Smidt, Ronald J. Sider, and J. Philip Wogaman

    Edited by P. C. Kemeny, these five essays represent five major views of the relationship of the church and Christian teaching with respect to matters of public justice administered by our government. Each essay includes a response from the other four viewpoints.

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    Wesley and the Anglicans

    Political Division in Early Evangelicalism

    by Ryan Nicholas Danker

    Why did the Wesleyan Methodists and the Anglican evangelicals divide during the middle of the eighteenth century? Many say it was based narrowly on theological matters. Ryan Nicholas Danker suggests that politics was a major factor driving them apart. Rich in detail, this study offers deep insight into a critical juncture in evangelicalism and early Methodism.

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    Incarnational Humanism

    A Philosophy of Culture for the Church in the World

    Strategic Initiatives in Evangelical Theology

    by Jens Zimmermann

    Culling evidence from Christian thinkers ranging from Irenaeus and Augustine to de Lubac and Bonhoeffer, Jens Zimmermann invokes an ancient tradition of Christian humanism to breathe life into the cultural malaise of the postmodern West.

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    Law and the Bible

    Justice, Mercy and Legal Institutions

    Edited by Robert F. Cochran, Jr. and David VanDrunen
    Foreword by John Witte, Jr.

    This collection brings together legal professionals and theologians to assess the significance and function of civil law in the Bible. Rich in close readings of Scripture, Law and the Bible gives Christian law students and legal practitioners the tools to bring a critically reflective biblical understanding to their practice of civil law.

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