Still Evangelical?

Ten Insiders Reconsider Political, Social, and Theological Meaning

Edited by Mark Labberton

Still Evangelical?
  • Length: 180 pages
  • Published: January 2018
  •  Forthcoming
  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-4537-8
  • Item Code: 4537

Evangelicalism in America has cracked, split on the shoals of the 2016 presidential election and its aftermath, leaving many wondering if they want to be in or out of the evangelical tribe. The contentiousness brought to the fore surrounds what it means to affirm and demonstrate evangelical Christian faith amidst the messy and polarized realities gripping our country and world. Who or what is defining the evangelical social and political vision? Is it the gospel or is it culture? For a movement that has been about the primacy of Christian faith, this is a crisis.

This collection of essays was gathered by Mark Labberton, president of Fuller Theological Seminary, who provides an introduction to the volume. What follows is a diverse and provocative set of perspectives and reflections from evangelical insiders who wrestle with their responses to the question of what it means to be evangelical in light of their convictions.

Contributors include:

  • Shane Claiborne, Red Letter Christians
  • Lisa Sharon Harper,
  • Soong-Chan Rah, North Park University
  • Jim Daly, Focus on the Family
  • Karen Swallow Prior, Liberty University
  • Mark Galli, Christianity Today
  • Tom Lin, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
  • Allen Yeh, Biola University
  • Mark Young, Denver Seminary

Referring to oneself as evangelical cannot be merely a congratulatory self-description. It must instead be a commitment and aspiration guided by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. What now are Christ's followers called to do in response to this identity crisis?

"Evangelical should mean Bible believing, gospel preaching, justice seeking, and Spirit filled. Instead it has become known more by its politics than by its commitment to the word of God. This book puts the current evangelical identity crisis within a much needed historical perspective and provides a way forward to help us recover the good news of Jesus that our world desperately needs to hear."

Aaron Graham, lead pastor, The District Church, Washington, DC


Introduction: Still Evangelical? (Mark Labberton)
1. Will Evangelicalism Surrender? (Lisa Sharon Harper)
2. Why I Am an Evangelical (Karen Swallow Prior)
3. A Way Forward: Recapturing Evangelical Identity and Mission (Mark Young)
4. Evangelical Futures (Soong-Chan Rah)
5. Theology and Orthopraxis in Twenty-First-Century Global Evangelicalism (Allen Yeh)
6. Looking for Unity in All the Wrong Places (Mark Galli)
7. Evangelicalism Must Be Born Again (Shane Claiborne)
8. The Importance of Listening in Today’s Evangelicalism (Jim Daly)
9. Hope for the Next Generation (Tom Lin)


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