Ending Human Trafficking

Ending Human Trafficking

A Handbook of Strategies for the Church Today

by Shayne Moore, Sandra Morgan, and Kimberly McOwen Yim

Ending Human Trafficking
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  • Published: April 05, 2022
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Human trafficking is one of the most pressing social justice issues of our time, and in recent years there has been renewed interest among Christians, as many have been stirred up to take their part in the ongoing battle. This is a wonderful thing—and yet misinformed and misguided efforts can do more harm than good. Ending Human Trafficking is a handbook designed to educate churches and parachurch organizations for truly effective work.

In collaboration with the Humanitarian Disaster Institute at Wheaton College Graduate School and The Global Center for Women and Justice at Vanguard University, Ending Human Trafficking is an accessible and compelling resource for Christian leaders, written by seasoned leaders in the struggle against modern slavery. Grounded in a theological response to the issue and filled with stories, up-to-date data, and practical tools and tips, it promises to be an invaluable resource for years to come.

"A guide for church organizations and the Christian academy, this powerful handbook sets forth well-informed strategies for community-wide partnerships in the fight against modern slavery. Ending Human Trafficking includes first-person stories, interviews, and action-step questions to help readers study the issues, understand the ethical concerns at stake, and identify their own appropriate roles in a community-wide model of collaboration. This timely book is a must-read for Christian educators and church leaders who aim to partner with licensed, trained sectors of society—such as law enforcement—with the goal of empowering each survivor's personal dignity."

Karen A. Lee, provost, Wheaton College

"I want every Jesus follower to have their eyes opened to the prevalence of modern-day slavery. Ending Human Trafficking does that and so much more. This gripping and practical guidebook gives you, your church, and your family the tools and tips you need to make slavery history."

Kara Powell, chief of leadership formation at Fuller Seminary and executive director of the Fuller Youth Institute

"Wow! A must-read for everyone–regardless of where you volunteer or work. Perhaps the top two taboo topics in the church are mental health and human trafficking. We now have a handbook for becoming what the authors call 'human-trafficking-literate.' They guide you through strategies that will help your organization prevent children, women, and men from becoming victims of modern slavery. I was blind, but now I see. Thank you."

Chip Espinoza, author of Managing the Millennials


Introduction: Build a Safety Fence
1. Elements and Types of Human Trafficking
2. Past and Present
3. Prevention
4. Protection
5. Prosecution: People in Places of Power
6. Partnership: Create Lasting Change Through Collaboration
7. Policy: Churches and Non-Profits
Afterword: Prayer

Appendix I: Common Terms and Acronyms
Appendix II: Twentieth Anniversary of the TVPA Letter to Faith Communities
Appendix III: Faith and Freedom Policy Brief
Additional Resources