Public Intellectuals and the Common Good

Public Intellectuals and the Common Good

Christian Thinking for Human Flourishing

Edited by Todd C. Ream, Jerry A. Pattengale, and Christopher J. Devers
Foreword by George M. Marsden

Public Intellectuals and the Common Good
  • Length: 192 pages
  • Published: January 26, 2021
  •  Forthcoming
  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-5481-3
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Evangelical Christians are active across all spheres of intellectual and public life today. But a disconnect remains: the work they produce too often fails to inform their broader communities. In the midst of a divisive culture and a related crisis within evangelicalism, public intellectuals speaking from an evangelical perspective have a critical role to play—within the church and beyond. What does it look like to embrace such a vocation out of a commitment to the common good?

Public Intellectuals and the Common Good draws together world-class scholars and practitioners to cast a vision for intellectuals who promote human flourishing. Representing various roles in the church, higher education, journalism, and the nonprofit sector, contributors reflect theologically on their work and assess current challenges and opportunities. What historically well-defined qualities of public intellectuals should be adopted now? What qualities should be jettisoned or reimagined?

Public intellectuals are mediators—understanding and then articulating truth amid the complex realities of our world. The conversations represented in this book celebrate and provide guidance for those who through careful thinking, writing, speaking, and innovation cultivate the good of their communities.


  • Miroslav Volf
  • Amos Yong
  • Linda A. Livingstone
  • Heather Templeton Dill
  • Katelyn Beaty
  • Emmanuel Katongole
  • John M. Perkins and David Wright


Foreword, George M. Marsden
Introduction, Todd C. Ream, Jerry Pattengale, and Christopher J. Devers

Part 1: Theological Reflections
1. On Being a Christian Public Intellectual, Miroslav Volf
2. The Spirit, the Common Good, and the Public Sphere, Amos Yong

Part 2: Professional Reflections
3. Cultivating Public Intellectuals for the Common Good, Linda A. Livingstone
4. Loving God and Neighbor, Heather Templeton Dill
5. The Common Grace of Journalism in a Post-Truth Era, Katelyn Beaty

Part 3: Personal Reflections
6. How Reconciliation Saved My Scholarship, Emmanuel Katongole
Concluding Conversation: An Interview with John M. Perkins, David W. Wright

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