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    Reading Mark's Christology Under Caesar

    Jesus the Messiah and Roman Imperial Ideology

    by Adam Winn

    Did Mark write his Gospel in response to Roman imperial propaganda surrounding the destruction of Jerusalem? Adam Winn helps us rediscover how Mark might have been read by Christians in Rome during the aftermath of this cataclysmic event. He introduces us to the imperial propaganda of the Flavian emperors and excavates the Markan text for themes that address the Roman imperial setting.

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    New Testament Christological Hymns

    Exploring Texts, Contexts, and Significance

    by Matthew E. Gordley

    We know that the earliest Christians sang hymns. But are some of these early Christian hymns preserved for us in the New Testament? Matthew Gordley takes a new look at didactic hymns in the Greco-Roman and Jewish world of the early church, considering how they might function in the New Testament and what they could tell us about early Christian worship.

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    Exile: A Conversation with N. T. Wright

    Edited by James M. Scott
    by N. T. Wright

    N. T. Wright is well known for his view that the majority of Second Temple Jews saw themselves as living within an ongoing exile. This book engages a lively conversation with this idea, beginning with a lengthy thesis from Wright, responses from eleven New Testament scholars, and a concluding essay from Wright responding to his interlocutors.

    Advanced Advanced
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    A Week in the Fall of Jerusalem

    A Week in the Life Series

    by Ben Witherington III

    It's AD 70, and Jerusalem is falling to the Romans, its temple being destroyed. As Jews and Christians try to escape the city, we travel with some of them through an imagined week of flight and faith. In this imaginative and entertaining narrative, Ben Witherington leads us behind the veil of centuries to experience the historical and social realities of this epochal event.

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    Jesus Is Lord, Caesar Is Not

    Evaluating Empire in New Testament Studies

    Edited by Scot McKnight and Joseph B. Modica
    Foreword by Andy Crouch

    This volume brings together respected biblical scholars to evaluate the turn toward "empire criticism" in recent New Testament scholarship. While praising the movement for its deconstruction of Roman statecraft and ideology, the contributors also provide a salient critique of the anti-imperialist rhetoric pervading much of the current literature.

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    Exploring Jewish Literature of the Second Temple Period

    A Guide for New Testament Students

    by Larry R. Helyer

    Larry R. Helyer provides an introduction and historical context for the wealth of Jewish literature outside the Hebrew Bible, and he explores the pressures, realities, questions and dreams that nurtured and provoked these written works.

    Intermediate Intermediate
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    The Greco-Roman World of the New Testament Era

    Exploring the Background of Early Christianity

    by James S. Jeffers

    James S. Jeffers provides an informative tour of the various facets of the Roman world--class and status, family and community, work and leisure, religion and organization, city and country, law and government, death and taxes, and the events of Roman history.

    Introductory Introductory
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    Honor, Patronage, Kinship & Purity

    Unlocking New Testament Culture

    by David A. deSilva

    David A. deSilva demonstrates in this book how paying attention to the cultural themes of honor, patronage, kinship and purity opens us to new facets of the New Testament documents.

    Intermediate Intermediate
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    Paul Through Mediterranean Eyes

    Cultural Studies in 1 Corinthians

    by Kenneth E. Bailey

    In this groundbreaking study of Paul's first epistle to the Corinthians, Kenneth Bailey examines the canonical letter through Paul's Jewish socio-cultural and rhetorical background and through the Mediterranean context of its Corinthian recipients.

    Intermediate Intermediate
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    Paul and First-Century Letter Writing

    Secretaries, Composition and Collection

    by E. Randolph Richards

    Informed by the historical evidence and with a sharp eye for telltale clues in the Apostle Paul's letters, E. Randolph Richards takes us into his world and places us on the scene with Paul the letter writer offering a glimpse that overthrows our preconceptions and offers a new perspective on how this important portion of Christian Scripture came to be.

    Intermediate Intermediate

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