What does it mean to “read Romans with Eastern eyes”?

Combining research from Asian scholars with his many years of experience living and working in East Asia, Jackson directs our attention to Paul's letter to the Romans. He argues that some traditional East Asian cultural values are closer to those of the first-century biblical world than common Western cultural values. In addition, he adds his voice to the scholarship engaging the values of honor and shame in particular and their influence on biblical interpretation.

As readers, we bring our own cultural fluencies and values to the text. Our biases and backgrounds influence what we observe—and what we overlook. This book helps us consider ways we sometimes miss valuable insights because of widespread cultural blind spots.

In Reading Romans with Eastern Eyes, Jackson demonstrates how paying attention to East Asian culture provides a helpful lens for interpreting Paul's most complex letter. When read this way, we see how honor and shame shape so much of Paul's message and mission.


1. How to Read with Eastern Eyes
2. Paul's Mission Frames His Message (Romans 1, 15)
3. Dishonoring God and Ourselves (Romans 1–2)
4. Distinguishing "Us" and "Them" (Romans 2)
5. Christ Saves God's Face (Romans 3)
6. Who Is Worthy of Honor? (Romans 4)
7. Faith in the Filial Christ (Romans 5–6)
8. The Hope of Glory Through Shame (Romans 5–8)
9. Shamed from Birth? (Romans 7)
10. They Will Not Be Put to Shame (Romans 9–11)
11. Honor One Another (Romans 12–13)
12. The Church as "Harmonious Society" (Romans 14–16)
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Jackson W. (pseudonym; PhD, Southeastern Baptist), has lived and worked in East Asia for almost two decades and serves on the Asian/Asian-American Theology steering committee of the Evangelical Theological Society. He is the author of Saving God's Face and The Gospel for All Nations: A Practical Approach to Biblical Contextualization. Although not Chinese, he teaches theology and missiology for Chinese pastors at a seminary in Asia.

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