Rediscovering Scripture's Vision for Women

Fresh Perspectives on Disputed Texts

by Lucy Peppiatt
Foreword by Scot McKnight

Rediscovering Scripture's Vision for Women
  • Length: 176 pages
  • Published: August 06, 2019
  •  Forthcoming
  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-5271-0
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Does God call women to serve as equal partners in marriage and as leaders in the church? The answer to this straightforward question is deeply contested. Into the fray, Lucy Peppiatt offers her work on interpretation of the Bible and Christian practice. With careful exegetical work, Peppiatt considers relevant passages in Ephesians, Colossians, 1 Peter, 1 Timothy, and 1 Corinthians. There she finds a story of God releasing women alongside men into all forms of ministry, leadership, work, and service on the basis of character and gifting, rather than biological sex.

Those who see the overturning of male-dominated hierarchy in the Scriptures, she argues, are truly rediscovering an ancient message—a message distorted by those who assumed that a patriarchal world, which they sometimes saw reflected in the Bible, was the one God had ordained.

"I am so grateful to Lucy for this wonderful packaging of all her best ideas about women in the Bible and church."

From the foreword by Scot McKnight, professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary

"The whole time I read this work, I kept thinking of those who would benefit from these thoughtful, accessible, and clearheaded responses to the primary objections against women fully serving in their gospel calling. Consequently, I am grateful for this resource that is both scripturally robust and theologically powerful. For those just beginning to think of these questions to those who have thought on these things for decades, Lucy's book will encourage and enlighten anyone who wants to engage these concerns."

Christa L. McKirland, executive director of Logia, Logos Institute Research Fellow, University of St. Andrews

"Lucy Peppiatt has written an encouraging book that invites women to see themselves in the biblical story, not as props but as protagonists, and along the way she explains many of those confusing texts about wives, head coverings, and prohibitions on teaching. In the end, Peppiatt offers a biblically grounded case for Christian mutuality that unites the sexes in service of a common Lord."

Michael F. Bird, academic dean and lecturer in theology at Ridley College in Melbourne, Australia


1. An Androcentric Story? Men Everywhere!
2. Joining the Story: The Place of Women in God’s Great Plan
3. A Woman’s Natural Place: Man Is the Head of a Woman
4. Talking Heads: The Meaning of Headship
5. Balancing Marriage: The Hierarchicalist View
6. Redressing the Balance: The Mutualist View of Marriage
7. Mistranslations, Misinterpretations, and Misunderstandings: The Dominant Narrative of Male Bias
8. A Final Word: 1 Timothy 2:8-15
Scripture Index


Lucy Peppiatt (PhD, Otago) is the principal of Westminster Theological Centre. Her research interests are Christ and the Spirit, charismatic theology, discipleship, and 1 Corinthians, and her books include Unveiling Paul's Women and Women and Worship in Corinth.

BY Lucy Peppiatt

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