• The Blessing of Africa

    The Blessing of Africa

    The Bible and African Christianity

    by Keith Augustus Burton

    Keith A. Burton traces the story of biblical Africa and the place of the Bible in the land of Ham. He ends with an examination of the modern era and the achievements of African Christianity. This invigorating work places the story of the Bible and African Christianity in a wider global context and challenges readers to think differently about history and the biblical world.

  • Black Fire

    Black Fire

    One Hundred Years of African American Pentecostalism

    by Estrelda Y. Alexander

    Many American Christians remain ignorant of black Pentacostalism. In this expansive historical overview, Estrelda Alexander recounts the story of African American Pentecostal origins and development. Whether you come from this tradition or you just want to learn more, this book will unfold all the dimensions of this important movement's history and contribution to the life of the church.

  • Shaking the System

    Shaking the System

    What I Learned from the Great American Reform Movements

    by Tim Stafford

    Saving the environment. Helping the poor. Stopping abortion. Feeding the hungry. Increasing fair trade. Eliminating pornography. Ending racism. Tim Stafford explores the patterns of successful and failed reform movements to highlight what activists today can learn.

  • Clouds of Witnesses

    Clouds of Witnesses

    Christian Voices from Africa and Asia

    by Mark A. Noll and Carolyn Nystrom

    In seventeen inspiring narratives Mark Noll and Carolyn Nystrom introduce a new and robust company of saints that has left a lasting imprint on the new Christian heartlands of Africa and Asia. Spanning a century, from the 1880s to the 1980s, their stories demonstrate the vitality of the Christian faith in a diversity of contexts.

  • The Expansion of Evangelicalism

    The Expansion of Evangelicalism

    The Age of Wilberforce, More, Chalmers and Finney

    History of Evangelicalism Series

    by John Wolffe

    John Wolffe provides an authoritative account of evangelicalism from the 1790s to the 1840s, making extensive use of primary sources. A compelling book, rich in detail, that will excite history buffs, students and professors, and any reader interested in the development of evangelicalism.

  • The Dominance of Evangelicalism

    The Dominance of Evangelicalism

    The Age of Spurgeon and Moody

    History of Evangelicalism Series

    by David W. Bebbington

    David W. Bebbington continues a compelling series of books charting the course of English-speaking evangelicalism over the last three hundred years. Evangelical culture at the end of the nineteenth century is set against the backdrop of imperial maneuverings in Great Britain and populist uprisings in the United States.

  • Dictionary of Major Biblical Interpreters

    Dictionary of Major Biblical Interpreters

    Edited by Donald K. McKim

    Donald K. McKim edits this revised and expanded edition of IVP's Historical Handbook of Major Biblical Interpreters. With six historical essays and over 200 in-depth articles regarding the principal players in the history of Biblical interpretation, this volume will serve as an invaluable tool for any serious student of the Bible or history of exegesis.

  • Psalms 1-72

    Psalms 1-72

    Reformation Commentary on Scripture Series

    Edited by Herman J. Selderhuis

    This volume provides a diversity of Reformation-era commentary on the text of Psalms 1-72, much of which appears here for the first time in English. Edited by Herman Selderhuis, this volume in the Reformation Commentary on Scripture series offers rich material for the theological and pastoral retrieval of Reformation exegesis.

  • Genesis 1-11

    Genesis 1-11

    Reformation Commentary on Scripture Series

    Edited by John L. Thompson

    In this new addition to the Reformation Commentary on Scripture, we read along as the Reformers return to the ancient stories of the six days of creation, the tragic fall of God?s creature and the catastrophe of the flood and apply them to the tumultuous age of the Reformation. Here is a primary source for biblical renewal in the church today.

  • Ezekiel, Daniel

    Ezekiel, Daniel

    Reformation Commentary on Scripture Series

    Edited by Carl L. Beckwith

    Discover firsthand the Reformers' innovative readings of the Old Testament prophets Ezekiel and Daniel. Familiar passages like Ezekiel's vision of the wheels or Daniel's four beasts are revitalized as they take the stage at this pivotal moment in history.

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