• The Offensive Church: Breaking the Cycle of Ethnic Disunity, By Bryan C. Loritts

    The Offensive Church

    Breaking the Cycle of Ethnic Disunity

    by Bryan C. Loritts

    Crises around race have put the church in a reactive, defensive posture, but Jesus wants more. He wants Christians to play offense by discipling people into a new humanity that pushes beyond mere diversity so that the church becomes the aroma of Christ to our culture and gains ground against the demonic foothold of racism in all its forms.

  • Zero Hour America: History's Ultimatum over Freedom and the Answer We Must Give, By Os Guinness

    Zero Hour America

    History's Ultimatum over Freedom and the Answer We Must Give

    by Os Guinness

    America has lost its way. It is caught between two revolutions and alternately suppresses and squanders freedom with a prodigal carelessness. Os Guinness outlines a pathway toward defining and ordering freedom, righting national wrongs, and passing freedom's baton from generation to generation. The present moment must not be missed.

  • World Religions in Seven Sentences: A Small Introduction to a Vast Topic, By Douglas Groothuis

    World Religions in Seven Sentences

    A Small Introduction to a Vast Topic

    Introductions in Seven Sentences

    by Douglas Groothuis

    Understanding other faiths is essential not just to interreligious dialogue, but also to grasping one's own faith. Covering world religions including Atheism, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, Christianity, and Islam, Douglas Groothuis creatively uses a single sentence for each one as a way to open readers to their depth and complexity.

  • Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling, By Andy Crouch

    Culture Making

    Recovering Our Creative Calling

    by Andy Crouch
    Afterword by Tish Harrison Warren

    The only way to change culture is to create culture. Andy Crouch says we must reclaim the cultural mandate to be the creative cultivators God designed us to be. In this expanded edition of his award-winning book he unpacks how culture works and gives us tools to partner with God's own making and transforming of culture.

  • Becoming the Church: God's People in Purpose and Power, By Claude R. Alexander

    Becoming the Church

    God's People in Purpose and Power

    by Claude R. Alexander

    Though many have given up on the church, God has not. Bishop Claude Alexander shows how early Christians did not always understand what the church was supposed to be, but God worked in them anyway. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we too can be transformed by Jesus and model to the world what it means to know him–as the church.

  • In Church as It Is in Heaven: Cultivating a Multiethnic Kingdom Culture, By Jamaal E. Williams and Timothy Paul Jones

    In Church as It Is in Heaven

    Cultivating a Multiethnic Kingdom Culture

    by Jamaal E. Williams and Timothy Paul Jones

    Heaven is multiethnic, "a vast multitude from every nation, tribe, people, and language." But in this diverse community shouldn't have to wait until eternity to begin! It can be a reality now. Here, the authors give biblical warrant for such a community and show how multiethnic churches provide a unique apologetic for the gospel.

    Curriculum Details:

    Curriculum Details

    This book can be used in your small groups and Sunday school classes alongside the free companion video curriculum and downloadable discussion guide. The six video sessions from authors Jamaal E. Williams and Timothy Paul Jones are around 20 minutes each in length, covering topics like:

    • Call to Worship: Learning to Love Multiethnic Kingdom Culture
    • Lament: Grieving What Stands in the Way of Multiethnic Culture
    • Offering: Giving for the Sake of Multiethnic Kingdom Culture
    • Passing the Peace: Welcoming in a Multiethnic Kingdom Culture
    • Communion: Feasting Together on the Victory Jesus Won
    • Benediction: A Blessing for the Road

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    Curriculum Includes:

    Also Available:
    Video Curriculum
    Discussion Guide

  • The Magna Carta of Humanity: Sinai's Revolutionary Faith and the Future of Freedom, By Os Guinness

    The Magna Carta of Humanity

    Sinai's Revolutionary Faith and the Future of Freedom

    by Os Guinness

    What kind of revolution brings true freedom to both society and the human soul? Cultural observer Os Guinness contrasts the secular French Revolution with the faith-led revolution of ancient Israel. Arguing that the story of Exodus is the richest vision for freedom in human history, his exploration charts the path to the future for America.

  • The Man Born to be King: Wade Annotated Edition, By Dorothy L. Sayers

    The Man Born to be King

    Wade Annotated Edition

    by Dorothy L. Sayers
    Edited by Kathryn Wehr

    In 1943 the BBC broadcast a series of radio dramas by Dorothy L. Sayers on the life and ministry of Jesus which would go on to become her most beloved works. In this new annotated edition, scholar Kathryn Wehr brings fresh insights to the plays, their background, Sayers's creative process, and the ongoing significance of the life of Christ today.

  • Non-Toxic Masculinity: Recovering Healthy Male Sexuality, By Zachary Wagner

    Non-Toxic Masculinity

    Recovering Healthy Male Sexuality

    by Zachary Wagner

    "Boys will be boys" and purity culture sell the same excuses with a different spin. Can we break the toxic cycle and recover a healthy identity for men? Confronting harmful teaching from the American church that has distorted desire, sex, relationships, and responsibility, Zachary Wagner offers a renewed vision for Christian male sexuality.

  • What Are Christians For?: Life Together at the End of the World, By Jake Meador

    What Are Christians For?

    Life Together at the End of the World

    by Jake Meador
    Foreword by Karen Swallow Prior

    Though fidelity to the common good ought to define our politics, the modern revolutions of the West have poisoned common life in America. Uninterested in the cultural wars that have often characterized American Christianity, Jake Meador casts a vision for an antiracist, anticapitalist, and profoundly pro-life Christian political approach rooted in the givenness and goodness of the created world.

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