• Disabling Leadership: A Practical Theology for the Broken Body of Christ, By Andrew T. Draper and Jody Michele and Andrea Mae

    Disabling Leadership

    A Practical Theology for the Broken Body of Christ

    by Andrew T. Draper, Jody Michele, and Andrea Mae

    Churches must both consider the theology of disability and also become places where people with disabilities lead. Moving beyond paternalistic views of disability, this book encompasses cutting-edge theological ethics as well as practical examples of how church leaders and congregants can foster genuinely inclusive leadership teams.

  • The Pursuit of Safety: A Theology of Danger, Risk, and Security, By Jeremy Lundgren

    The Pursuit of Safety

    A Theology of Danger, Risk, and Security

    Studies in Christian Doctrine and Scripture

    by Jeremy Lundgren

    In this constructive theological analysis of safety, theologian Jeremy Lundgren addresses the conceptual development of safety through premodern, early modern, and late modern settings and gives practical guidance on how to faithfully engage the pursuit of safety in the present day.

  • Hopeful Realism: Evangelical Natural Law and Democratic Politics, By Jesse Covington and Bryan T. McGraw and Micah Watson

    Hopeful Realism

    Evangelical Natural Law and Democratic Politics

    by Jesse Covington, Bryan T. McGraw, and Micah Watson

    Natural law as a rich tradition of Christian thought has often been neglected by evangelicals. But in this time of deep polarization, this generous guide brings together robust natural law theory and practical cases for the evangelical concerned with bringing together their theological commitments to bear on their political judgments.

  • A0749

    Faithful Politics

    Ten Approaches to Christian Citizenship and Why It Matters

    by Miranda Zapor Cruz

    Christians who share similar faith convictions can arrive at different political conclusions. In this nonpartisan overview, Miranda Zapor Cruz shares ten theological approaches Christians throughout history have used to navigate political participation, helping us form a vision of faithful citizenship in an increasingly polarized society.

  • Improvising Church: Scripture as the Source of Harmony, Rhythm, and Soul, By Mark Glanville

    Improvising Church

    Scripture as the Source of Harmony, Rhythm, and Soul

    by Mark Glanville

    Though the post-Christian cultural turn can be disconcerting, it is also a uniquely exciting time to reimagine churches. Building on the dynamic traditions of jazz music and Christian community, biblical scholar and jazz musician Mark Glanville unfolds a biblical, practical, and inventive vision for building the churches we long for.

  • Worth Seeing: Viewing Others Through God's Eyes, By Amy L. Williams

    Worth Seeing

    Viewing Others Through God's Eyes

    by Amy L. Williams

    While most of society views high-risk youth with fear or disregard, Amy Williams has come to see them through God's eyes—as having tremendous value and potential. With stories and practical tips from three decades of ministry, Amy challenges perceptions and increases compassion for these youth who are often pushed to the margins of society.

  • C. S. Lewis in America: Readings and Reception, 1935–1947, By Mark A. Noll

    C. S. Lewis in America

    Readings and Reception, 1935–1947

    Hansen Lectureship Series

    by Mark A. Noll
    Contributions by Karen J. Johnson, Kirk D. Farney, and Amy E. Black

    How has the work of C. S. Lewis transformed the American religious landscape? With fresh research and analysis, this volume by noted historian Mark A. Noll considers the surprising reception of Lewis among Roman Catholic, mainline Protestant, and evangelical readers to see how early readings of the Oxford don shaped his later influence.

  • Local and Universal: A Free Church Account of Ecclesial Catholicity, By C. Ryan Fields

    Local and Universal

    A Free Church Account of Ecclesial Catholicity

    Studies in Christian Doctrine and Scripture

    by C. Ryan Fields

    How might we reclaim the universality of the church without losing its local situatedness? In this SCDS volume, C. Ryan Fields juxtaposes the Free Church tradition with its Episcopal counterpart, arguing that the Free Church tradition can helpfully inform our understanding of the one body of Christ while remaining true to its local roots.

  • Attentive Church Leadership: Listening and Leading in a World We've Never Known, By Kevin G.Ford and Jim Singleton

    Attentive Church Leadership

    Listening and Leading in a World We've Never Known

    by Kevin G.Ford and Jim Singleton
    Foreword by Ed Stetzer

    The world has changed, and we minister in places we have never been in before. As the world screams for our focus, it's essential to become attentive to God, our congregation, and our community. Kevin Ford and Jim Singleton call for attentive churches with attentive leaders to discern cultural and organizational change and pivot accordingly.

  • Worship in an Age of Anxiety: How Churches Can Create Space for Healing, By J. Michael Jordan

    Worship in an Age of Anxiety

    How Churches Can Create Space for Healing

    Dynamics of Christian Worship

    by J. Michael Jordan

    Too often in the history of Christian worship, evangelical leaders have sought to manipulate anxiety to spur repentance. J. Michael Jordan challenges this utilitarian approach, offering a practical theology of worship within a healing framework that, rather than manipulating anxiety, acknowledges, accepts, and offers it to God.

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