• The Passionate Intellect

    The Passionate Intellect

    Christian Faith and the Discipleship of the Mind

    by Alister McGrath

    Alister McGrath argues that Christian thought has a vital role to play in the survival of the Christian vision of reality. By setting the gospel in the great tradition of Christian theological reflection, we have the makings of a robust engagement in the public sphere of ideas.

  • Why I Am a Christian

    Why I Am a Christian

    by John Stott

    Perhaps you've had the funny feeling that God wants to get your attention. Maybe you're simply looking for meaning and direction in your life. John Stott spent a lifetime wrestling with questions about Jesus both personally and in dialogue with skeptics and seekers around the globe. Now he provides a compelling, persuasive case for considering the Christian faith.

  • A Place for Truth

    A Place for Truth

    Leading Thinkers Explore Life's Hardest Questions

    Veritas Books

    Edited by Dallas Willard

    Since its founding at Harvard in 1992, The Veritas Forum has provided a place for the university world to explore the deepest questions of truth and life. Now gathered in one volume are some of The Veritas Forum's most notable presentations, with contributions from Francis Collins, Tim Keller, N. T. Wright, Mary Poplin and more. Volume editor Dallas Willard introduces each presentation, highlighting its significance and putting it in context for us today.

  • Questions Muslims Ask

    Questions Muslims Ask

    What Christians Actually Do (and Don't) Believe

    by Robert Scott

    Robert Scott has discovered that many of his Muslim friends are quite open to talking about matters of faith. Here he explores common questions and objections they've discussed with him. The result is an opportunity to appreciate where Muslims are coming from and help your Muslim friends better grasp what Christians actually believe, and why.

  • The Swedish Atheist, the Scuba Diver and Other Apo

    The Swedish Atheist, the Scuba Diver and Other Apologetic Rabbit Trails

    by Randal Rauser

    Come eavesdrop on a caffeinated debate between Randal Rauser and his atheist counterpoint, Sheridan. As we follow them down rabbit trails and through personal revelations, we witness a paradigm shift in apologetics—where a familiar quibble over terms becomes a mutual apprenticeship with the truth.

  • A Jigsaw Guide to Making Sense of the World

    A Jigsaw Guide to Making Sense of the World

    by Alex McLellan

    Ravi Zacharias associate Alex McLellan shares his proven method for training and empowering Christian apologists. Exploring competing views of truth and the nature of doubt, he encourages potential truth-tellers to proceed in piecing their worldview together—trusting that today's fragments of truth will form the outlines of God's great picture.

  • God and Evil

    God and Evil

    The Case for God in a World Filled with Pain

    Edited by Chad Meister and James K. Dew Jr.

    Leading thinkers in Christian philosophy and apologetics take on the problem of evil and suffering. Essays from Gregory Ganssle, Yena Lee, Bruce Little, Garry DeWeese, R. Douglas Geivett and others provide critical engagement with the New Atheists and offer grounds for renewed confidence in the God who is "acquainted with grief."

  • Christian Confidence

    Christian Confidence

    An Introduction to Defending the Faith

    by Chris Sinkinson

    Christian Confidence is a one-stop shop for young Christians who want to bring composure and knowledge to conversations of faith in the twenty-first century. As readers work through the history, theory and practice of apologetics, they will find that defending the faith is not a chore but a practice, meant to bring unity and coherence to the Christian life.

  • Pocket Handbook of Christian Apologetics

    Pocket Handbook of Christian Apologetics

    The IVP Pocket Reference Series

    by Peter Kreeft and Ronald K. Tacelli

    Peter Kreeft and Ronald K. Tacelli present a condensed version of their popular Handbook of Christian Apologetics,summarizing the foremost arguments for major Christian teachings and offering compelling responses to the most common arguments put forward against Christianity.

  • Is the New Testament Reliable?

    Is the New Testament Reliable?

    by Paul Barnett

    If everyone writes from a point of view and with an agenda, can we reasonably expect any historical account to be objective—to tell us the truth? In this second edition, Paul Barnett defends the task of the historian and the concept of history, addressing questions about the New Testament that are of importance to people of faith and skeptics alike.

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