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    An Explorer's Guide to Julian of Norwich

    Explorer's Guides

    by Veronica Mary Rolf

    Julian of Norwich's Revelations of Divine Love is truly an astounding work: an inspiring example of Christian mysticism, a unique contribution to Christian theology, the first book in English known to have been written by a woman. Veronica Mary Rolf guides us as we read, examining its fourteenth-century context and illuminating our understanding of this enduring work.

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    The Analogy of Faith

    The Quest for God's Speakability

    Strategic Initiatives in Evangelical Theology

    by Archie J. Spencer

    If God is transcendent, how can human beings speak meaningfully about him? The answer lies in analogy, which recognizes both similarity and dissimilarity between God and our God-talk. In his erudite study, Archie Spencer argues for a christological account of analogy as the answer to the problem of God's speakability.

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    Francis of Assisi and His World

    IVP Histories

    by Mark Galli

    Mark Galli examines the life and influence of one of the most popular figures in the history of Christendom--Francis of Assisi, who rejected the violence of his age and corruption in the church to raise up a radical order of Christian witness.

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