• Embodying Integration

    Embodying Integration

    A Fresh Look at Christianity in the Therapy Room

    Christian Association for Psychological Studies Books

    by Megan Anna Neff and Mark R. McMinn

    Representing two generations of counselor education and practice, Megan Anna Neff and Mark McMinn provide practitioners with a fresh look at integration in a postmodern world. Modeling how to engage hard questions, they consider how different theological views, gendered perspectives, and cultures integrate with psychology and counseling.

  • Contemplation and Counseling

    Contemplation and Counseling

    An Integrative Model for Practitioners

    Christian Association for Psychological Studies Books

    by P. Gregg Blanton

    Can contemplative prayer be integrated into therapeutic work? Building an alliance between science, theology, and Christian contemplative thought, Gregg Blanton presents a new paradigm for integrating contemplative prayer with counseling practice. This practical resource offers eleven fundamental interventions to fit the needs of clients and a practical four-stage process for helping clients change.

  • Tending Soul, Mind, and Body

    Tending Soul, Mind, and Body

    The Art and Science of Spiritual Formation

    Center for Pastor Theologians Series

    Edited by Gerald L. Hiestand and Todd Wilson

    Jesus consistently demonstrated his concern and love for the whole person, and that task is carried forward today by church leaders. Based on the 2018 CPT conference, this volume brings together reflections by pastors, theologians, and psychologists who explore the relationships among three fields of study—theological anthropology, spiritual formation, and modern psychology—resulting in a vibrant whole-person theology.

  • Psychology and Spiritual Formation in Dialogue

    Psychology and Spiritual Formation in Dialogue

    Moral and Spiritual Change in Christian Perspective

    Christian Association for Psychological Studies Books

    Edited by Thomas M. Crisp, Steven L. Porter, and Gregg A. Ten Elshof

    Can the phenomena of the human mind be separated from the practices of spiritual formation? Research into the nature of moral and spiritual change has revived in recent years in both the worlds of psychology and theology. Rooted in a year-long discussion held by Biola University's Center for Christian Thought (CCT), this volume bridges the gaps caused by professional specialization among psychology, theology, and philosophy.

  • Assessment for Counseling in Christian Perspective

    Assessment for Counseling in Christian Perspective

    Christian Association for Psychological Studies Books

    by Stephen P. Greggo

    Assessment in counseling is an ongoing and dynamic routine to encourage movement in a productive direction toward what is truly best. In this Christian perspective on assessment, Stephen P. Greggo equips counselors to put assessment techniques into practical use, charting a course for care that brings best practices of the profession together with practices of Christian discipleship.

  • Integrative Psychotherapy

    Integrative Psychotherapy

    Toward a Comprehensive Christian Approach

    Christian Association for Psychological Studies Books

    by Mark R. McMinn and Clark D. Campbell

    Mark McMinn and Clark Campbell present an integrative model of psychotherapy that is grounded in Christian biblical teaching and in a critical and constructive engagement with contemporary psychology. Now in paperback, this foundational work integrates behavioral, cognitive, and interpersonal models of therapy within a Christian theological framework.

  • Psychology in the Spirit

    Psychology in the Spirit

    Contours of a Transformational Psychology

    Christian Worldview Integration Series

    by John H. Coe and Todd W. Hall

    In this volume in the Christian Worldview Integrations series, edited by J. P. Moreland and Francis Beckwith, John H. Coe and Todd W. Hall provide an introduction to a new approach to psychology. This model "represents a spiritual formation and relational approach to psychology for the sake of servicing the spiritual needs of the church." Their goal is to provide a unique model of doing psychology and science in the Spirit. Here you will find an introduction to the foundations, methodology, content and praxis for this new approach to soulcare.

  • Psychology and Christianity

    Psychology and Christianity

    Five Views

    Spectrum Multiview Book Series

    Edited by Eric L. Johnson
    Contributions by David G. Myers, Stanton L. Jones, Robert C. Roberts, P. J. Watson, John H. Coe, Todd W. Hall, and David A. Powlison

    How are Christians to understand and undertake the discipline of psychology? This question has been of keen interest because of the importance we place on a correct understanding of human nature.This collection of essays edited by Eric Johnson and Stanton Jones offers four different models for the relationship between Christianity and psychology.

  • God and Soul Care

    God and Soul Care

    The Therapeutic Resources of the Christian Faith

    by Eric L. Johnson

    Christianity, at its heart, is a therapeutic faith. In this companion to Foundations for Soul Care, Eric L. Johnson presents a systematic account of Christianity as divine therapy. A groundbreaking achievement in the synthesis of theology and psychology, this is an indispensable resource for students, scholars, pastors, and clinicians.

  • Coming to Peace with Psychology

    Coming to Peace with Psychology

    What Christians Can Learn from Psychological Science

    by Everett L. Worthington Jr.

    Everett L. Worthington believes psychology can contribute to the Christian life, because all of us, psychologists and non-psychologists alike, are human and can benefit from better understanding our fellow humankind. Beyond integrating Christian and psychological truths, his book uncovers new relationships between science and religion, demonstrates psychology's benefits to theology, and helps Christians live a redeemed life that is pleasing to God.

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