• 3995

    Holy War in the Bible

    Christian Morality and an Old Testament Problem

    Edited by Heath A. Thomas, Jeremy A. Evans, and Paul Copan

    The first of its kind, this collection offers a constructive response to the question of holy war and Christian morality from an interdisciplinary perspective. By combining biblical, ethical, philosophical and theological insights, the contributors offer a composite image of divine redemption that promises to take the discussion to another level.

  • 3901

    Addiction and Virtue

    Beyond the Models of Disease and Choice

    Strategic Initiatives in Evangelical Theology

    by Kent Dunnington

    In this interdisciplinary work, Kent Dunnington brings the neglected resources of philosophical and theological analysis to bear on the problem of addiction. Drawing on the insights of Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas, he formulates a compelling alternative to the two dominant models of addiction--addiction as disease and addiction as choice.

  • 4421

    Reforming Mercy Ministry

    A Practical Guide to Loving Your Neighbor

    by Ted Rivera

    "Love your neighbor as yourself." It's the second greatest commandment, according to Jesus, but it's easier said than done. Never shying away from the complicated nature of contemporary issues, Ted Rivera identifies thirty-three ways we can engage the world with Christian compassion.

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