• Modern Art and the Life of a Culture

    Modern Art and the Life of a Culture

    The Religious Impulses of Modernism

    Studies in Theology and the Arts Series

    by Jonathan A. Anderson and William A. Dyrness

    In 1970, Hans Rookmaaker published Modern Art and the Death of a Culture, a groundbreaking work that considered the role of the Christian artist in society. This volume responds to his work by bringing together a practicing artist and a theologian who argue that modernist art is underwritten by deeply religious concerns.

  • Culture Care

    Culture Care

    Reconnecting with Beauty for Our Common Life

    by Makoto Fujimura
    Foreword by Mark Labberton

    We all have a responsibility to care for culture. Artist Makoto Fujimura issues a call to cultural stewardship, in which we feed our culture's soul with beauty, creativity, and generosity. This is a book for artists and all "creative catalysts" who understand how much the culture we all share affects human thriving today and shapes the generations to come.

  • The Faithful Artist

    The Faithful Artist

    A Vision for Evangelicalism and the Arts

    Studies in Theology and the Arts Series

    by Cameron J Anderson

    Drawing upon his experiences as both a Christian and an artist, Cameron J. Anderson traces the relationship between the evangelical church and modern art in postwar America. While acknowledging the tensions between faith and visual art, he casts a vision for how Christian artists can faithfully pursue their vocational calling in contemporary culture.

  • Imagine


    A Vision for Christians in the Arts

    by Steve Turner

    Imagine art that permeates society, challenging conventional thinking and standard morals to their core. What if this art was created by Christians? In this revised and expanded edition of a contemporary classic, Steve Turner shares his bold vision for Christians in the arts. If Jesus is Lord of all of life and creation, then art is part of his cultural mandate.

  • Silence and Beauty

    Silence and Beauty

    Hidden Faith Born of Suffering

    by Makoto Fujimura
    Foreword by Philip Yancey

    Internationally renowned artist Makoto Fujimura reflects on Shusaku Endo's novel Silence and grapples with the nature of art, pain and culture. Showing that light is yet present in darkness, he uncovers deep layers of meaning in Japanese history and finds connections to how faith is lived in contexts of trauma.

  • Winsome Persuasion

    Winsome Persuasion

    Christian Influence in a Post-Christian World

    by Tim Muehlhoff and Richard Langer
    Foreword by Quentin J. Schultze

    The task of bearing faithful witness to Jesus in our post-Christian society is complicated. What should our interactions with the dominant cultural ethos look like? How might we be both persuasive and civil? Integrating communications and theology, this model for cultural engagement offers a compelling vision of public engagement that is both shrewd and gracious.

  • Movies Are Prayers

    Movies Are Prayers

    How Films Voice Our Deepest Longings

    by Josh Larsen
    Foreword by Matt Zoller Seitz

    Movies do more than tell a good story. Filmspotting co-host Josh Larsen brings a critic's unique perspective to how movies can act as prayers—expressing lament, praise, joy, confession, and more. When words fail, the perfect film might be just what you need to jump-start your conversations with the Almighty.

  • Christianity and Literature

    Christianity and Literature

    Philosophical Foundations and Critical Practice

    Christian Worldview Integration Series

    by David Lyle Jeffrey and Gregory Maillet

    In this book David Lyle Jeffrey and Gregory Maillet offer a feast of theoretical and practical discernment. After an examination of literature and truth, theological aesthetics, and the literary character of the Bible, they turn to a brief survey of literature from medieval times to the present, highlighting distinctively Christian themes.

  • From Achilles to Christ

    From Achilles to Christ

    Why Christians Should Read the Pagan Classics

    by Louis Markos

    In From Achilles to Christ, Louis Markos introduces readers to the great narratives of classical mythology from a Christian perspective. He dispels common notions about the dangers of reading classical literature and shows how hero stories are a foreshadowing of Christ.

  • Words & the Word

    Words & the Word

    Explorations in Biblical Interpretation and Literary Theory

    Edited by David G. Firth and Jamie A. Grant

    In recent decades scholarly study of the Bible has taken a literary turn. Now literary theory has taken its place at the hermeneutical table and demands a voice in the conversation. Words and the Word, edited by David Firth and Jamie A. Grant, offers eight informative and stimulating essays that will bring readers abreast of this conversation.

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