The Divine Authenticity of Scripture

    Retrieving an Evangelical Heritage

    by A. T. B. McGowan

    Andrew McGowan examines the evangelical understanding of the nature and use of Scripture. McGowan emphasizes the work of the Holy Spirit in relation to Scripture, and argues that we should speak of "spiration" rather than inspiration of Scripture.

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    A Clear and Present Word

    The Clarity of Scripture

    New Studies in Biblical Theology

    by Mark D. Thompson

    A lack of confidence in the clarity or perspicuity of Scripture is apparent in Western Christianity. In this New Studies in Biblical Theology volume, Mark Thompson restates the doctrine of the clarity of Scripture. He surveys past and present objections, engages with contemporary hermeneutical challenges, and expounds the living God as the Guarantor of his accessible, written Word.

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    The Lost World of Scripture

    Ancient Literary Culture and Biblical Authority

    The Lost World Series

    by John H. Walton and Brent Sandy

    Walton and Sandy summarize what we know of orality and oral tradition as well as the composition and transmission of texts in the ancient Near East and the Greco-Roman world, and how this shapes our understanding of the Old and New Testaments. The authors then translate these insights into a helpful model for understanding the reliability of Scripture.

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