• 4917

    Chrysostom's Devil

    Demons, the Will, and Virtue in Patristic Soteriology

    New Explorations in Theology

    by Samantha L Miller

    References to demons and the devil permeate the rhetoric of John Chrysostom, the "golden-tongued" early church preacher and theologian. Samantha Miller examines Chrysostom's theology and world, helping us understand the role of demons in his soteriology and exploring what it means to be human and to follow Christ in a world of temptation.

  • 5258

    "He Descended to the Dead"

    An Evangelical Theology of Holy Saturday

    by Matthew Y. Emerson

    The descent of Jesus Christ to the dead has been a fundamental tenet of the Christian faith, as indicated by its inclusion in both the Apostles' and Athanasian Creeds. But it has also been the subject of suspicion and scrutiny, especially from evangelicals. Led by the mystery and wonder of Holy Saturday, Matthew Emerson offers an exploration of the biblical, historical, theological, and practical implications of the descent.

  • 5201

    Early Christian Readings of Genesis One

    Patristic Exegesis and Literal Interpretation

    BioLogos Books on Science and Christianity

    by Craig D. Allert

    Do the writings of the church fathers support a literalist interpretation of Genesis 1? Young earth creationists have maintained that they do. But are we correctly representing the Fathers and their concerns? This study from Craig Allert resets our understanding of early Christian interpretation and considers whether contemporary evangelicals may be more bound to modernity in our reading of Genesis 1 than we realize.

  • 5203

    Christianity at the Crossroads

    How the Second Century Shaped the Future of the Church

    by Michael J. Kruger

    Christianity in the twenty-first century is a global phenomenon. But in the second century, its future was not at all certain. Michael Kruger's introductory survey examines how Christianity took root in the second century, how it battled to stay true to the vision of the apostles, and how it developed in ways that would shape both the church and Western culture over the next two thousand years.

  • 5150

    The Mestizo Augustine

    A Theologian Between Two Cultures

    by Justo L. González

    Few thinkers have been as influential as Augustine of Hippo, yet we easily forget he was a man of two cultures: African and Greco-Roman. Cuban American historian and theologian Justo González presents Augustine as a "mestizo" (mixed) theologian, using the perspective of his own Latino heritage to find in the bishop of Hippo a remarkable resource for the church today.

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    Ancient & Postmodern Christianity

    Paleo-Orthodoxy in the 21st Century: Essays in Honor of Thomas C. Oden

    Edited by Kenneth Tanner and Christopher A. Hall

    Built on the writings of the early church fathers, these essays--created in honor of Thomas C. Oden--span theological perspectives that emphasize what various Christian traditions hold in common. Edited by Kenneth Tanner and Christopher A. Hall.

  • 3951

    Christianity and Western Thought

    From the Ancient World to the Age of Enlightenment

    Christianity and Western Thought

    by Colin Brown

    Students, pastors and thoughtful Christians will benefit from this rich resource. The first in a three-volume work, Brown's easy-to-read, hard-to-put-down introduction to Christianity and Western thought focuses on developments from the ancient world to the Age of Enlightenment.

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    Worshiping with the Church Fathers

    by Christopher A. Hall

    Christopher Hall invites us to accompany the church fathers as they enter the sanctuary for worship and the chapel for prayer. He also takes us to the wilderness, where we learn from the early monastics as they draw close to God in their solitary discipline. Readers will enjoy a rich and rare schooling in developing their spiritual life in this unique survey of the life of worship from the perspective of the early Church.

  • 3937

    Early Christian Thinkers

    The Lives and Legacies of Twelve Key Figures

    Edited by Paul Foster

    An international team of top scholars introduces a pivotal, early moment in the history of orthodox doctrine through the lives and works of key second and third century Christians.

  • 2881

    Ancient Faith for the Church's Future

    Wheaton Theology Conference Series

    Edited by Mark Husbands and Jeffrey P. Greenman

    Mark Husbands and Jeffrey P. Greenman edit fourteen essays exploring the theme of the value and significance of the early church for the contemporary witness and practice of the evangelical church, presented at the Wheaton Theology Conference of 2007.

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