Chrysostom's Devil
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  • Published: March 17, 2020
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For many Christians today, the notion that demons should play a role in our faith—or that they even exist—may seem dubious.

But that was certainly not the case for John Chrysostom, the "golden-tongued" early church preacher and theologian who became the bishop of Constantinople near the end of the fourth century. Indeed, references to demons and the devil permeate his rhetoric. But to what end?

In this volume in IVP Academic's New Explorations in Theology series, Samantha Miller examines Chrysostom's theology and world, both of which were imbued with discussions about demons. For Chrysostom, she contends, such references were employed in order to encourage Christians to be virtuous, to prepare them for the struggle of the Christian life, and ultimately to enable them to exercise their will as they worked out their salvation.

Understanding the role of demons in Chrysostom's soteriology gives us insight into what it means to be human and what it means to follow Christ in a world fraught with temptation and danger. In that regard, Chrysostom's golden words continue to demonstrate relevance to Christians in today's world.


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1. Demonology from Origen to Chrysostom
2. Chrysostom's Demonology
3. Greco-Roman Accounts of Proairesis and Virtue
4. Chrysostom's Anthropology
5. Chrysostom's Soteriology

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Samantha L. Miller (PhD, Marquette University) is assistant professor of the history of Christianity at Anderson University. She teaches courses on early church history, the history of exegesis, and spiritual formation.

BY Samantha L. Miller

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