• 5256

    The Victory of the Cross

    Salvation in Eastern Orthodoxy

    by James R. Payton Jr.

    How can Christians claim that the death of Jesus Christ on the cross is a victory? Eastern Orthodoxy has made its own contributions to the belief in salvation through Christ, but its expressions sometimes sound unfamiliar to Western branches of the church. James Payton explores the Orthodox doctrine of salvation, helping Christians of all traditions listen to Orthodox brothers and sisters.

  • 5252

    How Reason Can Lead to God

    A Philosopher's Bridge to Faith

    by Joshua Rasmussen

    Do you value reason, science, and independent thinking, yet you hope there could be a greater purpose to the universe? Beginning with his own story of losing the belief in any ultimate purpose in life, philosopher Joshua Rasmussen builds a bridge to faith. Using only the instruments of reason and common experience, Rasmussen constructs a pathway that he argues can lead to meaning and, ultimately, a vision of God.

  • 5105

    Seeking Church

    Emerging Witnesses to the Kingdom

    Missiological Engagements

    by Darren T. Duerksen and William A. Dyrness

    New expressions of church, including so-called insider movements, are proliferating among non-Christian religious communities worldwide. Drawing on the growing social-scientific work on emergent theory, Darren Duerksen and William Dyrness explore how all Christian movements have been and are engaged in a "reverse hermeneutic," where the gospel is read and interpreted through existing cultural and religious norms.

  • 5151

    Beyond the Modern Age

    An Archaeology of Contemporary Culture

    by Bob Goudzwaard and Craig G. Bartholomew

    Modernity, according to Bob Goudzwaard and Craig Bartholomew, is not a single ideology but rather a tension between four worldviews. In conversation with students from around the world and drawing upon a variety of sources and disciplines, the authors propose ways to transcend modernity and address global crises.

  • 2572

    An Introduction to the Theology of Religions

    Biblical, Historical & Contemporary Perspectives

    by Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen

    How does Christianity relate to other religions? Beginning with a consideration of the biblical perspective, Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen offers a detailed and comprehensive survey of the diverse explanations proposed by teachers of the church down through the ages. This indispensable guide is for anyone seeking to grasp Christianity?s relationship to world religions.

  • 2564

    God's Rivals

    Why Has God Allowed Different Religions? Insights from the Bible and the Early Church

    by Gerald R. McDermott

    Gerald R. McDermott explores the question, "Why are there other religions?" He looks at teaching from the Old and New Testaments and from a number of key teachers from the early church to suggest an answer to this perplexing but intriguing question.

  • 5626

    Christianity versus Fatalistic Religions in the War Against Poverty

    by Udo Middelmann

    Udo W. Middelmann provides an alternative to literature that regards poverty relief as a strictly material problem. By exposing the power of fatalistic religious ideas to suppress people and devastate cultures, Middelmann places biblical ideas at the heart of cultural development.

  • 2747

    Who Can Be Saved?

    Reassessing Salvation in Christ and World Religions

    by Terrance L. Tiessen

    Does God reveal himself in a way that invites all people to respond positively in saving faith? If so, what does this say about the role of religions within the sovereign providence of God? In this intriguing study, Terrance L. Tiessen reassesses the questions of salvation and offers a proposal that is biblically rooted, theologically articulated, and missiologically sensitive.

  • 1991

    How Wide the Divide?

    A Mormon an Evangelical in Conversation

    by Craig L. Blomberg and Stephen E. Robinson

    Craig Blomberg and Stephen Robinson examine the agreements and disagreements between evangelicalism and Mormonism, focusing on Scripture, God, Christ, the Trinity and salvation.

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