• The Healing Journey for Adult Children of Alcoholics

    The Healing Journey for Adult Children of Alcoholics

    by Daryl E. Quick

    Daryl E. Quick uses a step-by-step approach (enhanced by inspiring stories and practical exercises) to help readers learn new ways of thinking, feeling and acting that will replace the destructive patterns learned in childhood.

  • Refuge from Abuse

    Refuge from Abuse

    Healing and Hope for Abused Christian Women

    by Nancy Nason-Clark and Catherine Clark Kroeger

    Nancy Nason-Clark and Catherine Clark Kroeger draw on their professional experience in sociology and biblical studies to supply here-and-now, step-by-step advice that victims of domestic violence need to begin a journey toward healing.

  • Caring for Sexually Abused Children

    Caring for Sexually Abused Children

    A Handbook for Families Churches

    by Dr. R. Timothy Kearney

    In this practical handbook for families and churches, Dr. R. Timothy Kearney shows how the healing touch of God can come, frequently through God's people, to children who have experienced sexual abuse.

  • Healing Spiritual Abuse

    Healing Spiritual Abuse

    How to Break Free from Bad Church Experiences

    by Ken M. Blue

    Asserting that spiritual abuse in the church is more common than we realize, Ken Blue examines the causes of spiritual abuse, identifies abusive patterns, offers healing to those who have suffered abuse and describes how leaders should model the gospel of grace.

  • The Soul of Shame

    The Soul of Shame

    Retelling the Stories We Believe About Ourselves

    by Curt Thompson

    Whether we realize it or not, shame affects every aspect of our lives. But God is telling a different story. Curt Thompson unpacks the soul of shame, revealing its ubiquitous nature and neurobiological roots while providing the theological and practical tools necessary to dismantle shame. Embrace healing and wholeness as you find freedom from the negative messages that bind you.

  • Couple Therapy

    Couple Therapy

    A New Hope-Focused Approach

    Christian Association for Psychological Studies Books

    by Jennifer S. Ripley and Everett L. Worthington Jr.

    Weaving together classic cases outlined in Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling and over seventy-five brand new practical interventions, Jennifer Ripley and Everett Worthington Jr. expand and deepen their theoretical approach while providing new practical interventions for couple counseling and enrichment.

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